They Came. They Conquered. It Was Glorious

Reflections from students about this year’s Concert at Lizotte’s.
“Lizotte’s this year was the best show by far! It was such an enjoyable performance to watch and to participate in. The whole atmosphere of the night was incredible and so much fun to do! Everyone was so strong with their parts and instruments and we all had each other’s backs making us all more confident therefore producing killer performances. Even the first time performers gave it there all with some encouragement from the older students.

The Spice Girls medley would have had to be my favourite as it was so fun and I couldn’t help but smile the whole time! However a night like this doesn’t just happen so a massive thankyou to Mr Scully, Mr Zyderveld and Mrs Jones and to all the crazy talented musos. Can’t wait for next year!” Hannah, Year 10T

“Lizotte’s is always one of my favourite performances, and I think this year was the best it’s ever been. The songs were all amazing and all the students have fun together. It was also pretty great seeing Mr Scully and Mr Zyderveld in their dress ups!” Caitlin, Year 10C

“This years Lizotte’s concert put together by the Performing Arts team at Macquarie College was truly a night to remember. Every year, these performances entertain the audience, and fill them with pride for their children. On top of this, the concerts are an amazing opportunity for each student taking part in the concert to build the confidence that, mind you, is somewhat required if someone wants to spread their musical talents further to new audiences. For myself, being a part of the performing arts team has given me the opportunity to form friendships that I will ensure I keep, as well as the courage to be confident in my abilities musically.” Flynn, Year 11M

“One of the most amazing parts about Lizotte’s is not just the incredible opportunity to perform at such a venue but the friendships that you form. Everyone was being everyone’s number one fan it was so much fun! One of the best things I will take with me from this years Lizotte’s is when I was talking to one of the younger girls and I was helping her with her song. I told her that it was sounding amazing and she said that it meant so much to her because since she saw me on stage in primary school I was almost like her singing idol. To me this was insane and drove me to play and sing better than I had.” Emily, Year 10T

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