Open Invitation to Host a French Exchange Student

Each year there are hundreds of students from around the world who choose to visit Australia. You can be a part of the experience by welcoming a French exchange student into your home.  By opening your door and hearts to an international exchange student your family can:
• Make a lifelong link to a family in another country
• Learn about another culture
• Share the beauty of Australia and our culture
• Gain a new family member
• Contribute to International goodwill
• Develop a friendship that will last for many years

Here are some wonderful insights and reflections of the Hosting experience shared by two Macquarie College families.

The Payne family- Olivia Year 12

Hosting a French exchange student is such an awesome experience. When my family and I hosted our first student, I saw parts of Newcastle and Sydney that I didn’t even know existed! We went to the Blue Mountains, saw a musical, went whale watching, visited Blackbutt reserve, did a lot of shopping, and so much more! It’s the perfect opportunity to allow the students to experience what it is like to live in Australia. Since year 7, when we hosted for the first time, I have been to Paris and met the family of our exchange student!  In the time that they spend living in your home, you make a great new friend, find out what life is like on the other side of the world and learn how to make delicious crepes!  My family and I have really enjoyed being part of the exchange program and I would definitely recommend it.

The Walpole family- Riley Year 9 and Finn Year 7
Our French student was very passionate about sharing her culture with us and we gained an interesting insight into French lifestyle, history, language and politics. She was very interactive with our family and surprised us by cooking and cleaning, all her own initiative! We had lots of fun times together as a family and now our daughter has a life long friend and family to visit in France.

Please contact Madame Woolford on 49546222 or Email Madame  if you are interested in this unique opportunity for your family or if you have any questions regarding hosting.