2016 FLAG Week Crafting Students’ Knowledge About Jesus

The 2016 FLAG Week program is well underway with Students getting right into the spirit of the birthplace of Jesus, Nazareth.  Following the theme of “Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus Was a Kid”, the Junior School has been busy in learning about the life of Jesus as a carpenter’s son in Nazareth.  

The first half of this week’s program has explored what it means to be part of God’s family, the truth that Jesus is God and how God is our deliverer.
The second half of the program saw students learning about committing a life to Jesus, following Jesus and being baptised, and finally God’s wish for students to become disciples.

Families are invited to attend the finale of FLAG Week on Saturday 21st May commencing at 11am with the last Chapel session and a celebration lunch.  Information has been sent home to families via Junior School Bulletin and also a printed note this week with details.

Check out some of the views of Junior School students on their experience of FLAG week so far by visiting our YouTube channel, with FLAG videos under the “MC Chapel” Playlist.    Here you can find a highlight video for each day’s themes and also a “Week in Review” video!

While you’re there, also check out the highlights from the recent Senior School Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE), in which the theme of “God’s Divine Obsession” was explored.