Year 1 Experience Sight, Sounds and Scales

Australian Reptile Park
On Tuesday the grade 1 classes had a fantastic excursion to the Australian Reptile Park. Students enjoyed the interactive show where they were able to pat a frog mouth owl, an alligator, snakes, a baby turtle, a koala and a blue tongue lizard. We learnt that a turtle breathes out of its bottom in the water and that the python’s brown spots help camouflage it when preying on bats. We also learnt that a koala has 4 thumbs and they blue tongue lizard’s tongue helps protect it from predators.

A highlight was seeing two tassie devils playing tug of war with James’ hat! Another drama included having to chase off the emus and kangaroos who thought our lunch looked very tasty. After that we enjoyed a peaceful walk around the various enclosures in the glorious sunshine with our parent helpers. On our walk we saw two red bellied black snakes and various types and sizes of spiders. We also got to pat a very old tortoise. A spin on the playground topped off an awesome day. It was a memorable experience for all.

Incursion about Bugs

This term grade 1 students have enjoyed learning about bugs in their backyard. On Wednesday afternoon, Mr Preston, Savannah’s grandpa, came with an amazing bug display. Students were intrigued to see an enormous bird eating spider and the deadliest Australian spider – the funnel web. They also looked at long stick insects, as big as their pencil case, brilliantly colourful butterflies from various countries, moths that camouflage, cicadas, bees, wasps, ants and other beetles. Students learnt that the study of bugs is called “entomology.” They also learnt that there is a difference between beetles and bugs. Students found out that scientists are still discovering new beetle species every year and that there are thousands of different types of beetles around the world.  They also learnt that the most deadly creature to humans is the mosquito. What an interesting afternoon of learning! 

Incursion “The Science of Sound”

To top off an amazing week of learning, students were captivated by an incursion from the Newcastle Museum on the “Science of Sound.” David Owens brought in various objects for students to touch and use to make sound.