Inspiration Found in the Landscapes of the New England Tablelands

The Year 12 Advanced English class ventured over to the New England Tablelands in order to immerse themselves in the beauty of the landscape.

This area was home to Judith Wright the poet featured in Module C of the HSC Advanced English Course. By experiencing the landscape in person, students are able to better understand the aesthetic reality of the poems being studied at school.

Below are selection of student poems inspired by their experiences on the Tablelands.

“…there’s something about this place
It’s crushing beauty
Something that tears me apart
But with each minute wraps me back together again.”
– Sarah Jones

“Bowing trees, there they stand
Posture paying honour
To the governance of time.”
– Christian McClelland

“Clouds of threaded gold stitch their way across the sky
through purple peach apricot and blue
The tapestry of colours awash with hues
The last light detached turning gold as it flees
The last kiss goodnight as the stars bid good evening”
– Shirley Round

“In this moment your eyes
restless and forever searching
shall find themselves in the clouds
Do not look away.”
-Ethan Simpson