Your Invitation to an Inspiring Community Event

Over the past two years, Macquarie College has implemented many initiatives locally which give life and daily focus to the principles of eSmart.  These include student briefings about cyber safety and bullying, improving processes for reporting and addressing bullying, and the development of policies relating to codes of conduct and acceptable behaviour.  Also, we have engaged a range of speakers expert in the fields of well-being and cyber safety including Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Susan McLean.

These activities have all played an important part in the development of a safe and supportive community for all at Macquarie College.

In 2016, Macquarie College welcomes Robyn Moore as our VIP guest speaker on Wednesday 9th March.  Robyn will present to three groups throughout the day, being Years 4-7, Years 8-12 and then a special evening presentation for Parents & Guests which starts at 7.00pm at the Wallsend Church, Macquarie College Campus, Lake Road Wallsend.

Robyn’s support of Macquarie College and our ongoing series of eSmart intiatives, means you have a fantastic opportunity to hear Robyn’s insights into understanding behaviours, challenging ourselves to be the best ‘me’ possible and creating the life you love, despite the pressures which may challenge us on a daily basis.

The Parents & Guests session is open to all Macquarie College community and to members of the public.  While it is a free event, by booking your seats you will assist us with catering and materials required on the evening.

Information about how to book your seat at the highly entertaining and insightful Parents & Guests session will be available shortly.    

 Macquarie College is an eSmart accredited school.  The eSmart program is a National behaviour-change initiative designed to reduce bullying, facilitate student learning about cyber-safe practices and build communities which are safe and transparent in their protection children.