Student Mentoring Features in Wellbeing Programs

This year Macquarie College has made some changes to its Mentoring Program involving Junior School and Senior School classes.  The modified welfare program called 5/10ths, links Year 10 and Year 5 students.  Senior students mentor junior students during 2016 (being the first year of a three year program) and then continue their journey through Years 11-12 and Years 6-7 respectively.

The program includes 4-5 social or team-building activities through the year which will occur around existing commitments to scheduled school and assessment activities.

It is great for the current Year 10 students to build on their “Invictus” program experiences gained during 2015, and to ‘step up’ and be role models for younger students, encouraging them as they transition into the Senior School environment.

“On Friday year 5 and year 10 buddy upped and had lots of fun doing activities. There were 4 activities, cyclone Gross, dress up skits, drop the egg and water balloons they weeper all really fun to do, I think all of year 5 and 10 enjoyed it. I really enjoyed water balloons but al of it was really fun!”
Emily 5F

“The purpose of this program is to get to know some of the year 10 students, so when we go into year 7 we know we will have support from the year 12 students who we can go to if we are lonely or need something. After all the groups completed the 4 activities we enjoyed eating lots of watermelon. My favourite part of 5/10ths was the water bombs. It was really funny when the water bombs popped and splashed all over us. Overall I feel 5/10ths is a great program and a lot of fun.”
Maddie 5F

“I enjoyed having the year 5’s company and it seemed as though they had a great time! The activities were great fun and the watermelon was delicious.”
Tameka Halliday 10C

“I found the mentoring program to be a great success and an awesome way to involve senior students with younger years. The day was extremely enjoyable as we took part in numerous activities such as water balloon throwing, building a tsunami shelter, drama scenes and building a craft that was able to support an egg when dropped without the egg cracking. Overall it was an awesome opportunity and program!”
Bernice 10V