Shape 2015 Exhibit to Feature Macquarie College Student Works

Congratulations to Scott Koppelhuber (2015) for his outstanding work in the 2015 HSC Design and Technology program.  Scott’s major design project was inspired by his love of sailing.

Scott’s project saw him create a collapsible wing sail, which he designed, tested and created for his major work project.

From approximately 3500 students across the State who undertook Design and Technology studies, approximately 100 projects are subsequently nominated by HSC examiners as demonstrating outstanding quality and design.  From these only the top 20 are selected to be included in the Shape 2015 exhibition (formerly Design TECH).

Congratulations to Scott who will see his major work on display from Friday 26th February.

We also acknowledge the support provided by Mr Ross, who is especially excited for Scott as he joins this auspicious group of students representing the innovation shown by students in our evolving, technical world.

For the last three consecutive years, Macquarie College students have earned three nominations with two subsequently progressing to exhibition of their major works.