Year 6 Leadership Program Preview

Professional communicator, Graeme Frauenfelder, will be leading an exciting group activity at Macquarie College on Monday 15th February, as part of the 2016 Junior School Leadership program.

During this year’s Leadership activities, Graeme will explore the concepts of leadership through discussions and activities which reveal students’ ability to:
* understand their roles;
* work as part of a support team to the badged Junior School Leaders;
* recognise their own abilities; and
* show collective and consistent connection with their Year 6 peers and all students within the Junior School.

While only a small group of individuals are honoured with being named School Leaders each year, the responsibility to think, cooperate and be a leader is everyones!  Joining Graeme on the day will be local businesswoman, Michelle Crawford, keen to share her insights into being a dynamic student, who can connect with others in a really genuine and authentic way.

The program is a great opportunity for students and teachers alike to discover their strengths, view each child as a contributor to the community, and build confidence through authentic connections.

Macquarie College is committed to offering students a wide range of academic and emotional wellbeing tools which can empower them at every stage of their education journey.   With leadership comes responsibility and great rewards.