100 Years of ANZAC Service

April 25, 2015 heralded 100 years since the Gallipoli landing, and the country paused to commemorate and reflect upon the thousands of lives lost in combat.

Whilst we groaned as our alarms ripped us from slumber at 3am on Saturday morning, we recognised that losing a few extra hours of sleep was a small sacrifice compared to that made by the young men on the frontlines.

Along with many hundreds of others, we congregated at Wallsend cenotaph to pay our respects and show gratitude for all those who have died protecting our country.

We know that war continues to wreak a terrible toll not only on those who fight, but also their friends and families. Therefore, at this time, on ANZAC Day, it’s important that we all come together to remember the sacrifices made by others to ensure our freedom.

Lest we forget.

Baxter & Tanner Preston
Senior School Captains

Macquarie College captains and vice captains awoke very early on ANZAC Day to represent the school at the dawn service at Wallsend. It was a beautiful morning to pay respect and say thanks to the men and women who have fought to defend the freedom that this country enjoys. I felt honoured to march and be part of the 100 Year Commemoration. We laid a wreath on behalf of our school and were treated to a spectacular sunrise afterwards.

Olivia Eve
Junior School Captain