New Student Leaders

Macquarie College is proud to introduce our new Student Leadership team for 2014-2015.

Our incoming College Captains are Abbey Coles and Tanner Preston. Abbey has attended Macquarie College since preschool and has been heavily involved in all aspects of College life from music and performing arts through to various sporting and academic activities. Tanner Preston is a confident and approachable young man who has also represented the College through a variety of activities throughout his time at Macquarie College. Both students are well liked and respected by their peers and have great enthusiasm for their new role.

The new College Vice-Captains are Laura Otton and Baxter Preston. Laura is an excellent team player who takes pride in all that she does and is honoured to serve her school community as Vice-Captain. While Baxter is brother of Captain Tanner Preston, he is not to be outshone by his sibling. Baxter understands the importance of effective communication within leadership and will harness the many strong values he has developed over the years in his new role.

All four Captains were members of the Student Leadership team in 2013-2014 and have had extensive experience throughout their Senior School careers encouraging others and becoming mentors to younger students as they have moved through. We wish them well as they commence their new roles and have high hopes for their success.

College Captains

L-R: Mr Marvin Anderson, Baxter Preston, Tanner Preston, Dr Bruce Youlden,
Abbey Coles Laura Otton, Mrs Clare Jolliffe


Front Row: Letitia Halliday, Emily Clement, Chelsea Powell, Olivia Payne, Bonnie Smith,
Gabriella Maughan, Olivia Taylor
2nd Row: Dr Bruce Youlden, Mr Marvin Anderson, Baxter Preston (VC), Tanner Preston (C),
Abbey Coles (C), Laura Otton (VC), Mrs Clare Jolliffe
Back Row: Ryley Raj, Bailey Engel, Beau Jackson, Trent Verstegen, Zachary Haas

Sports Captains

L-R: Mr Marvin Anderson, Brendan Davies, Zoe Barton, Mr David Martin

House Captains

Front Row: Laura Otton, Abbey Coles, Carlin Russell, Zoe Barton, Emily McGregor, Emalee Ivory
Back Row: Mr Marvin Anderson, Joshua Taylor, Zachary Haas, Brendan Davies,
Renwick Simpson, Rugby Kliousis, Jonah Armstrong


Dr Bruce Youlden, Principal
Mr Marvin Anderson, Head of Senior School
Mrs Clare Jolliffe, Prefect Coordinator
Mr David Martin, Head of Sport