World Environment Day

June 5, 2014 was ‘United Nations World Environment Day’ and to celebrate, Macquarie College Junior School held an extra special Chapel dedicated to the world around us.

David Whitson, a Christian magician with a difference, dazzled our Juniors with his captivating “Eco Wonders” magic show.  Guest speaker was Jo Darby who showed us how our gardens and the environment mirror the story of redemption and reflect the amazing power of God.

When the students returned to their classrooms they were given a leaf to write on. On their leaves, the students shared their ideas of what they can do to help protect the environment that we live in. They then placed their leaves on an ‘Environment Tree’ in a symbolic gesture to “bring it back to life”.

The tree can be seen inside the doors of the library as a daily reminder to the students of the importance of looking after our environment.