Warm Donations to the Salvation Army

Over the past 18 months, the 10W roll class have been focusing on developing a sense of community service through projects such as, raising money for the Rural Fire Service when the fires hit so close to home and purchasing a donkey through Oxfam by simply collecting the spare change that students happened to have in their pockets.

With the onset of winter this term and the realisation that many people in our immediate community would be spending cold days and nights outside and alone over the next few months, the students very quickly and easily decided on their next project.

The class decided to undertake a warm clothing and blanket drive to raise resources for the Salvation Army. With many students growing and leaving warm clothes behind, it seemed to be an easy task to undertake. In the couple of weeks we ran this project, we were able to collect over 300 items of clothing and blankets which will go to people in our local community who desperately need it.

Everyone in the 10W roll class would like to thank the Macquarie College community for their support and generosity. We would also like to remind you that it’s still cold and will be for a while to come so if you decide to clean out your cupboards over the holidays and discover more items that you no longer need, its not too late to take them to your local Salvation Army, Red Cross or whoever helps out in your local community.

Andrew Scully
10W Roll Teacher