Message to Parents and Students

Message to Parents

The Christian education program of Macquarie College is viewed as an extension of your work as parents/guardians in the home; consequently, it is imperative that you view the relationship with staff as a partnership designed to promote the growth and maturity of your children. It is assumed, therefore, that you will attend College functions and encourage your children to uphold the Christian values and standards of the College at all times. If concerns arise at any time, you are urged to communicate immediately with the Head of the Junior or Senior School.

Message to Students

Macquarie College is a school which places high value on each of you as young people. We are committed to your learning and education and importantly, to you as a young person who has unique gifts and a capacity to contribute significantly to the College community and ultimately to society as a whole. We want to encourage you in this journey and undertake to place your well-being at the forefront of all our efforts. Similarly, if you are to gain the most from your Macquarie College experience, it is important for you to apply yourself diligently and conscientiously to your study as well as to join in as many of the extra-curricular activities as you can.

Grasp the opportunities given to you and seek to return as much to others. Moreover, it is our hope that in growing in your relationship with God, you will reflect His values in your decisions and demonstrate a caring concern for all those you encounter in your life.