Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Macquarie College is a centre of Christian education which promotes the holistic development of young people.  We aim to optimise the learning potential of all students while building a community of faith which seeks to know, experience and share Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

The educational program offered at Macquarie College is based on a Seventh-day Adventist Christian worldview and more specifically the following philosophical pre-suppositions:

  1. God is recognised as the personal Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of mankind and therefore the Source of all life, knowledge, wisdom and truth.
  2. God cannot be known by unaided human reason, but has revealed Himself, His nature and purposes through divine revelation.  It is recognised that the Bible contains a special revelation of the divine will and thus constitutes the guiding principle in the College’s educational philosophy.
  3. The standard of ethical behaviour is based upon the moral laws of God and His character of love and leads to a commitment of unselfish and loving concern for all people.
  4. Beauty and creativity, although marred by the effects of sin, still reflect the handiwork of a Creator-God.
  5. Each person finds ultimate fulfilment through their relationship with God, other people and the environment.

Therefore, the general purpose of the educational effort of the College is to provide a learning environment which enables each student:

  • to grow in his/her relationship with Christ through love, trust and fellowship
  • to grow in self-acceptance and understanding of oneself
  • to be accepting, tolerant and respectful of others and their needs
  • to profit spiritually, intellectually, aesthetically and practically from the natural world while acknowledging a responsibility for the care and protection of its resources and beauties.

Our Values

In the light of its Educational Philosophy, the College gives priority to the following values:

Spiritual Life Respect Scholarship Faith and Hope
Responsibility Excellence Service Loyalty
Optimism Morality Compassion Leadership
Diversity Integrity Partnership