Senior School

The Senior School experience is one characterised by significant academic and personal milestones. Academic ability is tested against national standards such as the NAPLAN assessment, School Certificate and Higher School Certificate examinations. The rigours of academic development are complemented by learning and demonstrating leadership and service to the Community. Student rights and responsibilities increase in recognition of their growing maturity.

Importantly, friendships and networks developed during the early years of Senior School become platforms for personal and academic development as students progress through tertiary education and enter the workforce. Senior School staff proudly establish high academic standards and are committed to nurturing excellence in processes of learning and the journey of achievement experienced by every student.

High expectations, flexible course composition, optimum class sizes, individualised academic counselling and open communication with families is fundamental to the positive experience of all students in the Senior School. The SEQTA Learning Management System implemented across Senior School in 2016 sees staff, students and parents collaborate on the academic program, real-time performance and pastoral care needs of each individual.

In the pursuit of tertiary studies, students are empowered with the skills of motivation, time management, and personal responsibility which are necessary for independent learners. Macquarie College Senior School has established partnerships with a range of professional service organisations and tertiary institutions, which enable networking, industry training and career planning to occur effectively during the final stages of secondary education.

The Senior School celebrates the achievements of each individual and acknowledges the attainment of their personal goals throughout the learning journey. Achievements are acknowledged at formal functions and students are consistently encouraged to strive towards optimising their potential. The relationships formed between staff and families enable all parties to make conscious decisions and act consistently both at school and home, in creating an effective learning environment.

Senior School students experience an interactive and real-time learning environment through the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program, which commenced at Macquarie College in 2014. The BYOT program creates digital normalisation in education in an efficient and cost effective manner for parents/guardians and the College.