Pastoral Care


Macquarie College has built an environment that nurtures the growth of every student, comprising supported academic excellence, social wellbeing and spiritual awareness. This is the cornerstone of Senior School and our Chaplain cares for staff and students in a variety of ways.

Each Tuesday morning, the students of Senior School meet for a Chapel service in the campus church. This program runs for approximately forty-five minutes and features a welcome, prayer, and presentation of work, musical items, drama, or dance.

Guest speakers also feature and share true-life stories, their reflections on Bible stories, or show a film which illustrates or emphasises the importance of Christian values being learned during Studies of Religion class each Term.  We have also welcomed some special interest groups to visit us during 2015 including “Take 3”, “Motivational Media” and some local music artists. As a Chapel community we opened the discussion on a range of different topics including Is Jesus Relevant?, Gospel vs Consumerism, Wrestling with Faith, people sharing their personal stories and Domestic Violence.

It’s exciting to tackle each topic with a fresh look at how Jesus the saviour of the world is in it with us right now.

Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE) occurs in early May annually and is a special weeks set aside where a chapel program is held at the start of each day. Acclaimed guest speakers lead the annual WOSE program. The program includes special songs, activities and a themed approach to encourage students to make a commitment to Jesus and to serving others.

Watch the WOSE 2017 Wrap Up Here.

School Counsellor/Psychologist

To successfully deliver a nurturing learning environment (academically, socially and spiritually), Macquarie College is committed to engaging professionals who are qualified to provide specialised help when needed. A fully qualified school counsellor is available to meet with students when a request or a referral is made by a teacher or a parent.  

The counsellor is also involved in the delivery of the Personal Development program within the curriculum, and works in the classroom alongside teachers when specific needs or social interest areas have been identified.