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Principal’s Quarterly Update, Mar 2016
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* Principal’s Quarterly Update, Mar 2017

In times of rapid social, cultural, and educational change, it is important that students are provided with an educational environment where a sense of purpose, meaning, and value is foundational to the educational experience. Equally, it is important for there to be a sense of continuity between the past, present, and future. Macquarie College provides such an experience through its Christian educational philosophy, mission, core values, and history. At Macquarie College, learning is regarded as an exciting journey of discovery, but also as an opportunity to grow and mature in preparation for the responsibilities of life.

It is an environment where the learning potential of all students is fostered, where the welfare of students is nurtured, and where a caring concern for others and a sense of self-discipline is a priority. Moreover, it is an environment where the Christian worldview is the framework of reference for learning and where the values of Jesus Christ are transmitted and upheld. It is an environment where the spiritual development of young people is a priority and where young persons’ sense of worth and value is enhanced through their relationship with Jesus Christ and through their friendship with peers who share similar values. Macquarie College is well recognised as one of the premier independent schools in the region.

There are many attributes ensuring a continuing high demand for enrolment and admission: the school’s distinctive and attractive campus environment; its reputation for innovative teaching; its high academic standing; its outstanding sporting achievements; its performing and creative arts program; the pastoral care and student-welfare programs; and the school’s partnership with parents. Macquarie College is a place that enriches the lives of all and prepares young people for a life of meaning and purpose.

Dr Bruce Youlden