2018 Scholarships

2018 Scholarships Program for New Students

Applications are now closed for
2018 Scholarships Program for New Students.
The 2018 Scholarships Test
was conducted on Wednesday 3rd May and results of the Test, along with candidate applications are now being reviewed for consideration by the Macquarie College Scholarship Committee.

Please see below for the 2018 Program Overview and Application Forms which are applicable to new families and students considering attending Year 7 at Macquarie College, in 2018.

2018 Program Overview for New Students

2. 2018 Application Forms for New Students
a) Academic Scholarship
b) Merit Scholarship
c) Excellence Scholarship

Each year Scholarships are available for Year 7 students who demonstrate exceptional ability and achievements. Scholarships are awarded in three categories: Academic, Merit and Excellence Awards.

  • Academic – Exceptional academic achievements across all subjects
  • Merit – Exceptional skills and ability across a range of academic and extra-curricular pursuits
  • Excellence – Exceptional skills and ability in a specific discipline such as Applied and Performing Arts, and Sport.

All Scholarship categories have a set of criteria that applicants must meet to be eligible. These are listed on the relevant Scholarship Application Form.

Scholarships are awarded by the College Scholarships Award Committee. The number of scholarships awarded each year in each category is limited but remains at the discretion of the Committee and is non-transferable. A Scholarship Award is paid in the form of fees remission and is credited to the student’s Fee Account at Macquarie College. If a student has received a scholarship from another school, this may be transferable to a confirmed enrolment at Macquarie College.

Note for Parents of students currently enrolled in Year 6 at Macquarie College.
Parents have received paperwork regarding the new 2018 Scholarship Program (By Offer Only).   Additional information can be found on your child’s SEQTA Engage “Class Overview” page.