Macquarie College Camps & Outdoor RecreationAs a lead in to our resiliency programs in Term 1, Year 4 students are learning about ways to meet new challenges, and the importance of positive thinking.  They visited Myuna Bay Sport & Recreation Centre on Wednesday 15th March, getting involved with archery, BMX bike riding and canoeing.

  • ‘Ding, ding, ding,’ that was the sound of the bell ringing when I got to the top of the climbing tower. Riley, Giselle, Lily and Jazlyn
  • “Get my hat!” I cried as my hat flew off my head and landed in the water again. Max
  • ‘Splash!’ we were soaked but laughing. “Let’s get those boys back!”  Isabella, Ruby Giselle
  • ‘Stretch, Floop, Boof!’ that was the sound of our arrows as they hit the target. Jake, Kaedon, Alan, Zack
  • ‘Sssssss, thud,’ Yes! The sound of a bullseye. Dom, Henry, Craig, Kohen
  • ‘Splash, splash, splash’ we were all laughing so hard, as were paddling in our canoes. Some of us ‘accidentally’ got wet in canoe derby. Lexie, Ali, Daniel, Jackson, Martin, Alex
  • We all had so much fun learning to canoe, climb a tall wall and to aim an arrow in archery. All of our class wants to go back to Myuna Bay again!  Ally, Atra, Nhien, Lucy

Macquarie College Camps & Outdoor Education