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2017 Camp Week – Year 7 (Camp Toukley)

The focus of the Year 7 Camp is relationships, and our time away from the Campus provides the students with guided opportunities to form a support network of close friends that they will potentially keep for their entire school experience and beyond. We as a staff, in conjunction with the staff at Camp Toukley, created a program that we felt targeted our main wellbeing outcomes: resilience, self confidence and peer support.I asked a couple of the students to write a brief comment about some of aspects of the camp experience which stood out to them.

Of the camp activities Georgie W (7H) wrote:

“Year 7’s time at Camp Toukley was amazing! We all came away with some fabulous memories and experiences. There were lots of really fun activities which taught us to work together as a team and there were other activities like the Leap of Faith which brought out the confidence in people. I know that many of the Year 7’s really enjoyed the facilities of Camp Toukley like the tennis court and obstacle course. We all had a great time and we thank the staff at Camp Toukley for their amazing hospitality.”

Each evening we scheduled a series of activities and small group debriefs so we could take stock of our day and see what we took out of it. On this Aila B (7H) said:

“Year 7 Camp was really fun! Each night, after dinner, we had some activities run by our teachers which were interesting and fun. There was a trivia night, a Capture-the-Flag night, and a campfire-movie night. For the trivia, we split ourselves into 10 groups. My group was the only group of six, but we tied for 3rd place anyway. For Capture-the-Flag, the teams were our class groups. Since there were 3 classes, we took turns competing with each other. Our class, 7H, won all the games we played. The campfire-movie night was great! We had marshmallows we could roast and they were very delicious! We also watched part of Inside Out later in the night. After supper each night, we split into our activity groups to talk about the day, what we liked or disliked, how we pushed ourselves further, and many other things as well. We discussed negative and positive self-talk, and that we should encourage others.”

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, and a privilege for staff to spend time with this exceptional group of young people.

Click Here to see a selection of images from our Camp experience here on our Facebook Gallery.

Mr Daniel Zyderveld
Year 7 Coordinator

2017 Camp Week – Year 11 (Melbourne)

The Year 11 Camp is an urban camp which not only teaches students city skills, but also allows for a variety of subject excursions. Students explore Melbourne by foot and tram.   A highlight this year was a visit to the Channel Ten studios for the taping of The Project, and also a visit to a performance at the Melbourne Theatre Company.
This year Art students visited the National Gallery, Studies of Religion students were taught at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre, Music students investigated African Drumming, as well as many other excursions  – such as visiting Melbourne University for an orientation on University courses.
The entire class visited the Melbourne Gaol after dark, had an Italian dinner on Lygon Street as well as experiencing the Eureka SkyDeck, and the world-famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Students had an excellent time and enjoyed a variety of educational and culinary experiences during their camp week in Melbourne.

 Click Here for a collection of images from our Camp, on our Facebook gallery.

Mr David Chapman
Year 11 Camp Coordinator

2017 Camp Week – Year 10 (Amazing Race Sydney)

On Wednesday 5th April, the Year 10 cohort headed out from the College to Sydney.   With the incentive of free movie passes and overall bragging rights, the 2017 Year 10 Amazing Race was one of the most highly anticipated and intensely contested events of its kind.

The first challenge involved students travelling from Circular Quay to the Spiral Water feature in Darling Harbour using two modes of public transport, among the hustle and bustle of weekday commuters and tourists.  

Many other challenges undertaken by teams included singing Advance Australia Fair in front of the Sydney Opera House, catching ferries to Manly and recording these challenges through photographs, buying food items, sending emails and filming videos.

Each of the seven teams were allocated a specific sum of money to be spent on challenges throughout the Race, and a separate sum of money was to be used for ‘topping up’ Opal cards. Within each group roles were designated including the leader, navigator, wellbeing overseer, photographer, timekeeper and, importantly, accountant.

In summary, the Year 10 Amazing Race was an excellent experience filled with new challenges, sights, sounds, smells and tastes.  Working together in teams, in unfamiliar territory for many, gave us an opportunity to improve our communication, work to each team member’s strengths, and build on our friendships.

Click Here for a collection of images from our Camp, on our Facebook gallery.

Mrs Debbie McCord
Year 10 Camp Coordinator

2017 Camp Week – Year 8 (Blue Mountains)

The Year 8 cohort departed for a four-day Camp full of fun and adventure in the Blue Mountains.  This year we had the challenge of inclement weather and on arrival to the camp site in Glenbrook, the skies opened and we got saturated as we were unpacking.  Once the rain cleared students spent the afternoon setting up their tents and campsites.  We then made our way to the Jellybean Pool for an afternoon swim.

On the second day we filled our day packs and headed to Wentworth Falls to complete the five hour Valley of the Waters walking trail.  Whilst the hike was extremely challenging the students were all in good spirits and many jumped in the water at the base of the falls even though the temperature was freezing.

The next activity on the camp was an Amazing Race style event, around the township of Katoomba where students were given a list of challenges and a budget for the day.  The day promoted themes of teamwork, leadership and problem solving and featured ‘competition points’ for teams picking up rubbish around town as part of contributing to community service.

Each evening after the students cooked their own meal, Mrs Chaumont organised games and activities.  On the final night everyone enjoyed a massive Easter Egg Hunt around camp.  Another highlight was sitting around the campfires in the respective camps and chatting with each other and reflecting on everyone’s daily experiences.

It was a very successful camp despite the early challenges posed by the weather.  Students enjoyed being out in the bush and as the weather cleared, it lifted everyone’s spirits and allowed us to return home dry.

Click Here  for a collection of images from our Camp, on our Facebook gallery.

Mrs Tenielle Lowrey
Year 8 Coordinator

2017 Camp Week – Year 9 (Kosckiusko NP)

The 2017 Year 9 Invictus Wellbeing Program hiking expedition to Kosciuszko National Park was characterised by wide horizons and freezing nights. 

Our students navigated their way from campsite to campsite and demonstrated a variety of problem solving skills in order to get into camp on time. Some groups explored caves by torchlight, others summited Howell’s Peak and all visited historic huts or homesteads.

The horizon was frequented by kangaroos and wild brumbies whose environment we were privileged to share for a couple of days.

Throughout the camp students worked in teams and showed empathy to their classmates as they negotiated obstacles and made team decisions. Stories were shared by campfire at night and each of us came home a little footsore and a whole lot more appreciative of one another and the world we live in.

Click Here for a collection of images from our Camp, on our Facebook gallery. 

Mr Joshua Brown
Year 9 Coordinator