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eSmart Event Postponed: Digital Footprints

Wednesday 21st March:

Regrettably we must postpone tonight’s event.  Jonny Shannon will not deliver his presentation to parents at the College tonight.  A new date for the parent presentation is currently being negotiated and information about the re-scheduled event will be made available as soon as possible.

Macquarie College welcomes eSmart Accredited Presenter, Mr Jonny Shannon, to speak with parents about cyber safety and the phenomenon of digital footprints.  This event will be hosted at the Campus Church starting at 7pm on Wednesday 21st March. 

Jonny speaks candidly about the opportunities – and the potential risks – involved in online communities.  He will share insights into digital footprints, techniques for being safe and smart online, and will describe the regulatory frameworks in Australia which are available to protect children and young people online.

Click Here to pre-register and secure your seats.  
Supper will be served after Jonny’s presentation.

Every user of the web who participates in online communities is leaving a digital footprint that can remain for many years. 

Macquarie College Support CoordinatorMrs Natalie Neuschulz, Support Department Coordinator, and eSmart Committee Member, encourages parents to update their knowledge, to keep up with this constantly changing environment, “Continually updating our understanding of the web and social networking, is key to ensuring we are equipped to model safe online behaviours, and respond appropriately to unforeseen issues if they arise”. 

“Our students are learning about creating a safe and supportive environment.  This applies to the school yard, their home and especially when they are online.  We are committed to ensuring that students understand how to behave, how to make informed choices about their online activities, and what to do if they need help.” 

While the National Day of Action Against Bullying is on Friday 16th March, programs about cyber safety and anti-bullying are delivered continuously in the College through Junior School and Senior School.  “There are numerous implications for students engaging in online communities.  It is our responsibility to educate students that posts with photos and comments today, may well be viewed by prospective employers.  We aim to support parents with information that can guide their child’s online decisions, mitigating consequence now and in the future.”

You are invited to join us at this FREE community event, and you are encouraged to bring a guest to hear Jonny’s presentation.  This is the perfect opportunity to begin (or continue) conversations in your home which protect and preserve your child’s online safety and legacy.

Visual literacy exercise evokes powerful meaning for Paris

Year 8 English students recently completed a range of visual literacy exercises, in which picture books were shown and students were asked to critically analyse images presented. 

After learning about the numerous visual techniques behind image production, including body language and gaze, composition, contrast, and framing, students were tasked with writing a story based on their own analysis of an image presented.   

Paris R (8W) penned a thought-provoking story after seeing the following image.

Macquarie College

You must do as you’re told.

“You must do as you’re told.” The words ring over and over again in my head.

They don’t understand me. They don’t know why I do it. “You must do as you’re told.” What if what you’re told to do is not right?

They don’t know what I am doing. If I leave the house at night, they know. If I take more food than I need, they know. “You must do as you’re told” they say. “You must do as you’re told.”

Just because they are older than you, they think they know how the world works. There is a reason why I grab extra food, but never eat it all. There is a reason why I run away at night. There is a

reason that I do not do as I am told.

“You must do as you’re told.” Let me be me. “You must do as you’re told.” I am right. “You must do as you’re told.” I am helping the world be right. “You must do as you’re told.”

If only they realised what I am doing is right. If only they could listen and see. If only they could finally understand. Why don’t they? How can I tell them? They think they are right but they keep doing wrong. If only they knew.

Macquarie College students celebrated at NSWCIS 2017 awards night

Macquarie College Sport

Congratulations to these three amazing students who were presented with the top awards from CIS, at a special ceremony dinner, for representing at National Championships during 2017.

  • Sienna E (7B) for Cricket: received a 2018 State Medallion
  • Harry A (6L) for Golf: Member of the Team of the Year, received a Red Award, a 2018 State Medallion, and the DA WIburd Shield for Primary Sportsperson of the Year. 
  • Jye P (12V) for Golf: Member of the Team of the Year, and received a 2018 State Medallion.

Students Sharing Love and Support for Valentine’s Day

This week the Year 7 Biblical Studies students were busy learning about how we should treat others, following the Golden Rule as expressed by Jesus Christ.  So, with Valentine’s Day approaching, each students across all three classes wrapped cookies as gifts and created a special card for a stranger. 

On the 13th February, a few student representatives from each of the classes boarded the school bus with Mr Goss and Mrs Roennfeldt and traveled to the Woodlands Retirement Village, where many of the elderly residents were gathered waiting for our arrival. 

Two students from 7L, Eadie L and Charlie D, dressed up and performed a dance to the music “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” while Georgia M (7L) played a guitar instrumental piece called “Black Bird”. 

You could feel the love in the room as so many of the folk smilingly said that they identified with the music as it made them feel young again.  We left all of the wrapped cookies and plenty of memories.  We were very proud of how the students acted and how they openly talked with each of the elderly.  Click Here to see some more images of their experience.

2017 HSC Results and Student Achievements Acknowledged

Macquarie College Maintains The ‘Top 100’ Schools Ranking Through Its Commitment To Education Excellence In The Hunter Region

Macquarie College acknowledges the outstanding achievements of its 58 students who recently completed the Higher School Certificate.  As a result of 51 top Band results from the HSC class of 2017, Macquarie College delivers one of the Region’s highest performing secondary school programs, retaining its place within the Top 100 Schools in the State and Top 2 Independent Schools in the Hunter Region.

Macquarie College is the leading faith-based education provider in the Region, offering a Pre-School to Year 12 education experience underpinned by Christian values and principles.  Macquarie College is an place where people flourish in a community of learning.  Of the 58 students completing their HSC this year, 16 students began their education in Kindergarten at Macquarie College and are known as ‘K-12 Originals’.

Highest ATAR was achieved by Harrison Lyddiard, of 98.2 (English Advanced, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension, Biology, Physics, Studies of Religion 2).

Jasleen Atwal achieved Top Allrounder by receiving 90 or higher in five examinations undertaken (English Advanced, English Extension, Legal Studies, Modern History, History Extension, Studies of Religion 2). Jasleen achieved an ATAR of 98.1.

Tahlia Dent, also achieved an ATAR of 98.1 (English Advanced, English Extension 1 and 2, Ancient History, Modern History, Studies of Religion 2).

Holly Kozlik and Finn Ellem were nominated for ENCORE.

Harrison’s approach the HSC was well-rounded, finding the right balance between his scheduled study, part-time work, outdoor activity, and personal down-time.  Harrison is looking forward to studying Medicine in the next stage of his learning journey.

“I got myself organised from the very beginning, making sure that I had a planner for my study time and assessments, making sure I kept making progress right throughout instead of leaving anything to the last minute” said Harrison.

“Getting outside to walk the dog, watching some TV, going to a few shifts at work, and getting good quality sleep all helped keep me to stay focused and calm right to the end”.

Macquarie College Principal, Dr Bruce Youlden, congratulated this year’s cohort on their achievements, confirming that the HSC results are one of many important elements which represent students’ overall achievement during their time at the College.

“The 2017 Year 12 cohort has worked very hard to achieve personal best results, in many areas of academic study and co-curricular pursuits,” Dr Youlden said.

Dr Youlden praised the students and their families following today’s ATAR announcements, reflecting on the journey they have experienced over the past two years and the new life experiences awaiting the departing Year 12 students.

“We congratulate Harrison Lyddiard on achieving this year’s highest ATAR of 98.2, and commend his achievements in an intensive HSC program.  Harrison, Tahlia Dent and Jasleen Atwal alike have all applied themselves admirably to reach their potential through this stage of their learning journey and I am sure that they will continue to excel in their chosen paths.”

“We are proud of the students’ efforts and know that these performances will open many doors to future study and employment for a rich and fulfilling future.”

 “Macquarie College offers a well-rounded program of academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual learning which enriches the lives of our students as they enter society and guides them in their life choices as young adults.”


15% of students received 95+
26% of students received 90+
33% of students received 85+