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Senior Biology Students Explore Coastal Ecosystems

Year 11 Biology students recently headed to the beach to complete field work for their depth study.  We visited Dudley to survey some of the different abiotic and biotic factors of the beach, while doing so we were able to see the fossilised forest which was a really amazing experience. Mrs Chaumont pointed out all of the redder coloured rocks with the patterns in them which looked like the bark of a tree had been carved into them. Many of the fossils were sticking out of the rock pools which we discovered were actually fossils of trees that had been created millions of years ago after a volcano erupted. We then hopped back on the bus to go to Merewether Beach to continue to develop our ecosystem surveying skills. At Merewether we used a wide variety of science equipment including an anemometer (measuring the wind speed) and quadrats placed over the rock pools to count organisms. Even though we were there at low tide some of us still were harassed by the ocean filling our shoes full of water. 

It was astonishing to see all of the different organisms that lived in the rock pools, you don’t realise how abundant life is there until you actually look closely and start to take notice. There were so many different types of creatures that covered the area from simple sea anemones and algae, to sea snails claiming their homes on various rocks. We were able to see interesting adaptations from the snails that lived in the lower tidal zones which were more spread out and on the tops of rocks, while others that lived in the high tidal zones made their homes in crevices and grouped together to stop themselves from being washed away and becoming dried out as the tide recedes. 

Overall it was an amazing clear day to visit the beach, and the cold winds didn’t matter too much as we were busy running around all day keeping us warm.  It’s definitely a highlight to Year 11 Biology and something to look forward to for all future biologists. 

Riley T (11Z)

MC Lego Masters Competition 2019

MC Lego Masters Winners

Junior: Emma H, Elizabeth M
Senior: Harrison R, Jackson C, Sam H, Harlan E

Heat Winners
The previous five heat winners listed below

Round 1 – Vehicles

Junior: Siri S, Helen L, Monique E, Brenton B, Caleb K
Senior: Zack N, Jed R, Adam G, Jacob H

Round 2 – Animals

Junior: Emma H, Marcella S, Elizabeth M
Senior: Marshall M, Cody L, Maddyck D

Round 3 – Aliens

Junior: Willow-Rose P, Eloise D, Bethany H, Eve J
Senior: Harrison R, Jackson C, Sam H, Harlan E

Round 4 – Buildings

Junior: Sonny R, Levi R
Senior: Xanthe B, Dallas R, Molly R, Alby D

Round 5 – Spacecraft

Junior: Simi W, Lucas G, Connor S, Carter M, Wil H, Mason P,  Callum L
Senior: Jai D, Pierryck A, Jake F, Aiden S

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MC Basketballers Contests HRIS Opens Title

“It’s that time of the year again, the annual Opens HRIS basketball gala day. The gala day is a chance for schools to showcase their talent, display their skills and have fun. Players get to enjoy numerous games through a round robin system to determine an overall winner. 

Our Opens Girls side coached by Mrs Tracy Martin had a challenging day finishing up in 5th place. Led by Selina M (12M) the team had numerous close games which was a fantastic effort given the team has a lot of new players. The girls knew they were a relatively inexperienced team, and were there to give it their all. Mrs Martin stated “They did really well today, we only had a few training sessions and some girls were still learning all the rules as we played!”. The girls bounced back from a heavy defeat in their first game to the eventual champions, Hunter Valley Grammar School.  Our team continued to improve as a team as the day progressed. The girls now look ahead to next year and with Hannah R (9B) coming into the side, they will certainly be a force in next year’s competition.

The Senior Boys side coached by Mr Roennfeldt came 3rd overall from 12 competing sides. The boys played hard and well throughout the day, with a number of highlight plays along the way with year 12 Ryan R (12M) starring as he led the side. Ryan was not alone in providing exciting plays but his heroics and leadership in all the games cannot be overlooked. In the first game of the day against Avondale, Ryan hit three free throws after the buzzer to tie the game, showing incredible nerve when it was needed. The Boys progressed from pool play into the final stage which contained the four best sides on the day. Macquarie lost to eventual champions Hunter Valley Grammar School and also Central Coast Adventist in the final games despite leading Central Coast by a point at half time. The boys bounced back from these tight defeats in a comprehensive win over Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, to finish 3rd place. 

This 3rd place result is terrific for Macquarie College, but in the years to come overall champion is an achievable goal. Marcus A, Joshua L and Thomas S (10W) all gained valuable experience on the day as they are only in year 10 and showed extreme promise against older, stronger competitors. With a number of other promising year 10 students available for next year and an injured Fynn W (10W) back in the side, the future is bright for Macquarie College Basketball. 

And that’s how it was, the HRIS Opens Basketball day, it was very encouraging to see the support both sides gave the other as they watched and cheered along all MC games. We cannot forget that days like these are made possible due to committed and willing people like Mr Martin and coaches of all respective teams. Mr Martin in particular was announcing over the PA system all day, directed two different ambulance teams to injured players (from other schools) and organising the event behind the scenes to allow things to run smoothly.

On behalf of both MC Open teams, we sincerely thank all who made the day possible.”

Samuel W (10W)

Students inspired by the words and music of Anna Weatherup

During this week’s Senior School Chapel, Australian ‘The Voice’ contestant Anna Weatherup performed songs related to our chapel theme of “Letting Love Thrive”.

An original song ‘If I Ain’t Got Your Love‘ was composed after Anna finished The Voice. The song talks about how she would prefer to be a musician because she enjoys it, rather than the fame.
It was good to hear that we should pursue what we enjoy rather than what will make us look good.

Climb‘ is another song which Anna has composed. She wrote it about one of her friends who although was in the darkest parts in their life would get up each day and climb hill near their house. So this song is talking about how we need to continue climbing despite how high the mountain or whatever other obstacles may be in our lives.

Anna told us how her love for God shapes the songs she writes without intentionally doing it. When I reflect on my own actions I can see that God has shaped my actions like He has Anna’s, and that He is continuing to do so.   Also, the best way to get through hard times is just continuing walking, or in the sense of the song, climbing.  I have also realised in my life so far, how much better I feel when I do something positive without others realising it. This sort secret helpfulness or kindness is what makes me happier and enjoy life more than when I’m doing it in front of others. Furthermore, I don’t necessarily enjoy being the one in the spotlight the whole time, as I do really enjoy quiet time and find that it is in this quiet time I gain stronger and more meaningful friendships with others and find out the most about myself.


Anna Weatherup
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James B (11Z)

Legal Studies Students Explore The Justice & Police Museum

Legal studies students recently descended into the underworld in a new photographic exhibition revealing the dark side of the Roaring Twenties. They explored more than 130 candid and compelling mugshots taken by New South Wales Police between 1920 and 1930.

The exhibition revealed through mugshots and stories the dark underbelly world of violence, gangs and guns. The remarkable collection of glass-plate negatives taken by Sydney police at the time, is now part of the NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive, held by the Justice & Police Museum. Students also took the opportunity to dress in time period costume.