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2016 Camp Week – Year 10

Year 10 Amazing Race camp was a great experience for all of us.

We learned the importance of saving our money and budgeting for big groups.

Teamwork was a critical part of our camp and it brought our whole year closer together being put in groups with people we didn’t really know before the race.

The teachers did an amazing job of keeping up with us as we ran around the streets of Sydney, running to catch ferries, trains and buses.

Big congratulations to Mr Chandler and his group for the win, taking home movie vouchers right in time for school holidays.  

Emma (Year 10T)



2016 Camp Week – Year 9 (Kosckiusko NP)

The sun dipped quickly and the cold mountain air sent people searching for additional layers of clothing. Some groups chatted quietly around the fire, others made plans for the next day. I think at some point nearly all of us took a few moments to look up and take in the quiet magnificence of the night sky.

After sleeping in tents students woke to camp breakfasts and chatter about route pans for the day ahead. Some groups would be spending time navigating through bush, others under more open skies and most would be venturing into Murray’s Cave at some point.

The Wednesday of camp was the main day of hiking and after the initial excitement of setting out the rhythm of the trail lulled us into reflective silence, punctuated here and there by brumbies, kangaroos or an opportunity to complete one of the polaroid challenges set for each group.

The second evening brought cooler weather and time for journaling and reflection upon the day’s challenges and highlights. Some groups had new vistas to consider and we all had fresh fires to light, meals to cook and memories to share.

Hiking out the next morning looked different for each group, some set off with the sunrise for company, others had time to enjoy a morning fire and a hot drink before getting too serious about packing up. By lunchtime we had assembled ourselves on Long Plain and retraced our tyre marks back to Tumut via the Yarrangobilly Hot Pools for lunch and a swim.

Ultimately, we learned that life requires us all to change, to grow and to discover. Participating in the Invictus hike gave us the opportunity to experience the benefits of planning and preparation in order to manage change and enjoy growth. The hike fostered self-reliance in a supportive context and allowed participants to further develop their personal decision making skills.



2016 Camp Week – Year 8 (Blue Mountains)

Camp every year is just as good as the previous camp. Each camp you take something away that prepares you for the future. In Year 8 camp we learn’t more about our friends and some physical challenges that will prepare us for the harsh conditions of Mt Kosciusko.

We set up tents in a small campground. We cooked some delicious meals, but some not so pleasant. The smell of cooked breakfasts in the morning to the perfectly cooked gourmet pasta.

As a year we went on a walk to Wentworth Falls. We were split into groups and went on the long walk through nature to the frosty Wentworth Falls. At Wentworth Falls some people chose to swim and refresh themselves.

On the second last day we drove up to Katoomba and were split into groups of 10-12 for the mini Amazing Race around Katoomba. In the race we got to buy Blue Mountains Chocolate and see the Blue Mountains as well as learning about the Blue Mountains and it’s history at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

All in all Year 8 Camp 2016 was a great success. The friendship and camaraderie gained during camp will help us be higher quality friends.
Mathurannkan (Year 8F)




2016 Camp Week – Year 7 (Toukley)

As we all well know, we “get by with a little help” from our friends. Our focus for Year 7 Camp was ‘Friends’: how do we make friends and how do we maintain those friendships in a healthy and supportive way.

In the evenings we spent time debriefing about our days and discussing the parts we found difficult and the aspects in which we found success and achievement. Over the course of the rest of the year, the students will continue discussing this theme in their roll call classes. 

This year the Year 7’s, accompanied by a collection of Senior School teachers and additional staff, made the journey down to Toukley to Camp Lutanda, a Christian organisation that specialises in creating opportunities for young people to push their boundaries and learn more about themselves.

The students took part in a range of challenging activities including a high ropes course, a Leap of Faith, a Giant Swing, surfing, quad biking and archery. Each of the activities was constructed in such a way that students were able to move beyond their proverbial ‘comfort zone’ within a safe and controlled experience.

In addition to these activities, each group took part in a series of ‘bush initiatives’, requiring the students to collaborate and problem-solve together in order to overcome a series of obstacles. Despite varying degrees of success, the students all actively developed their communication skills and demonstrated a willingness to trust and work with their peers in a constructive setting.

Each evening, after free time and a sumptuous dinner, the students took part in a collection of staff-run activities such as a Capture-The-Flag, a highly competitive round of trivia and a campfire on the final night.

All in all, the camp was a resounding success due in no small part to the efforts of Mrs Jones, Mr O’Hern, Mr Ross, Mrs Pannekoek as well as casual teachers Mr Jonny Dustow and Mrs Corrie Barton.


Open Invitation to Host a French Exchange Student

Each year there are hundreds of students from around the world who choose to visit Australia. You can be a part of the experience by welcoming a French exchange student into your home.  By opening your door and hearts to an international exchange student your family can:
• Make a lifelong link to a family in another country
• Learn about another culture
• Share the beauty of Australia and our culture
• Gain a new family member
• Contribute to International goodwill
• Develop a friendship that will last for many years

Here are some wonderful insights and reflections of the Hosting experience shared by two Macquarie College families.

The Payne family- Olivia Year 12

Hosting a French exchange student is such an awesome experience. When my family and I hosted our first student, I saw parts of Newcastle and Sydney that I didn’t even know existed! We went to the Blue Mountains, saw a musical, went whale watching, visited Blackbutt reserve, did a lot of shopping, and so much more! It’s the perfect opportunity to allow the students to experience what it is like to live in Australia. Since year 7, when we hosted for the first time, I have been to Paris and met the family of our exchange student!  In the time that they spend living in your home, you make a great new friend, find out what life is like on the other side of the world and learn how to make delicious crepes!  My family and I have really enjoyed being part of the exchange program and I would definitely recommend it.

The Walpole family- Riley Year 9 and Finn Year 7
Our French student was very passionate about sharing her culture with us and we gained an interesting insight into French lifestyle, history, language and politics. She was very interactive with our family and surprised us by cooking and cleaning, all her own initiative! We had lots of fun times together as a family and now our daughter has a life long friend and family to visit in France.

Please contact Madame Woolford on 49546222 or Email Madame  if you are interested in this unique opportunity for your family or if you have any questions regarding hosting.