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Year 7 Learn Key Engineering Skills Plus Social Impacts

The Year 7 Quest program got busy today with the staff from Engineers Without Borders.

During the School Outreach Program, students learned key engineering skills, the importance of science and maths to problem solving in a real world setting.

Students were broken into small teams and tasked with building a housing structure that would float, simulating the floating communities throughout many developing countries.  

For many groups, the choice of individual materials and the combination of different materials to achieve strength and floatation posed the greatest challenge.  On offer were balloons, paddle-pop sticks, plastic cups, rubber bands, sticky tape, foil, glad wrap, cardboard and straws.  However, only a limited quantity of each material could be traded for their project ‘currency’.

The house models were then tested for structural integrity and floatation, while then adding marbles to the structure to replicate a family inhabiting the it.

CLICK HERE for a gallery of images of the students in action with the Engineers Without Borders staff.

Year 9 Food Technologists Teasing Tastebuds

Year 9 Food Technology students are getting organised to develop their own menu for their celebration dinner.

The practical classes are focusing on getting students to develop food preparation & cooking skills on a variety of different type recipes.

In the last two weeks students cooked a variety of entree options, and working out presentation ideas.

Mushroom Tart – made by Isaiah and Mia

Roast Pumpkin, pinenuts and fetta tarts

Baby pea, spinach fragrant mint soup

Thai pumpkin soup 

Camp Week



5-8 APRIL 2016

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Year 7 Quest ‘mission2mars’ Nears Completion

During Term 2, Year 7 classes have been collaborating on a project that’s out of this world.  Their ‘mission2mars’ project has seen teams of budding explorers, designers, and scientists developing concepts and models for a mission to the red planet.  Project teams have explored a wide range of issues (a selection are described below), which will be presented at the end of Term 2, before embarking on a whole new project theme in Term 3.

Rocket launch: Students have been producing water rockets to decide which features are necessary on a water propelled rocket, to achieve the greatest heights on launch.

Rocket design: Using the “Kerbal Space Program” students have assembled virtual rockets with a full suite of customisable features, necessary to successfully propel a spacecraft carrying eight crew on their journey to Mars?  This interactive software challenges students with models for rocket mechanics, flight simulation and most importantly, navigation.

Spacecraft Design: The crew of eight travelling to Mars have certain needs.  The teams are designing the functional interior of the spacecraft for their Earth orbit.  Scale designs of the interior have been made with some of the ‘creature comforts’ of home, modified for space.

Planetary exploration: Teams will send ‘rovers’ onto Mars to collect information about the planet. Students will using coding to program a series of maneuvers for the droid “Sphero”, to follow a pre-set course and investigate the Martian landscape while collecting data for scientific research.

Plant Life of Mars: The conditions on Mars are different to Earth. Students need to know whether plants can grow on Mars, so will be researching growing conditions by conducting experiments on plants in enclosed environments.

2016 Camp Week – Year 11 (Melbourne)

The Year 11 Camp is designed to not only teach and enhance students urban navigation skills, but also allow for subject specific excursions. The class heads to Melbourne each year, and we stay just south of the Yarra in the Urban Central Hostel. Students quickly orient themselves by exploring the city on foot and by tram. 

This year PDHPE students played tennis at Melbourne Park, Business Students visited Eithad Stadium, the Art visited the National Gallery, Studies of Religion were taught at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre, amongst many other excursions such as touring Melbourne University.

The Camp allows for efficient learning activities relevant to the subjects students are taking in their Preliminary courses, as well as enjoying various cultural aspects of Melbourne.  The entire class visited the Melbourne Gaol after dark, had an Italian dinner on Lygon Street as well as experiencing the Melbourne Star and the MCG.

Wherever we went comments were made about the responsible and polite manner of the Year 11 students and the camp was an enjoyable and productive experience for all.