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2016 HSC Results and Student Achievements Acknowledged

Macquarie College maintains “Top 150” Schools ranking through its commitment to education excellence in the Hunter Region.

Macquarie College is proud of the achievements of its 46 students who recently completed the Higher School Certificate in 2016.  As a result of 28 top band results from the HSC class of 2016, Macquarie College delivers one of the Region’s highest performing secondary school programs.

Macquarie College is the leading faith-based education provider in the Region, offering a Pre-School to Year 12 education experience underpinned by Christian values and principles.  This Christian framework supports students throughout their entire schooling, and in the holistic development of young people who will contribute not only to our local community, but to the wider global community in the future.  Of the 46 students completing their HSC this year, 16 students began their education in Kindergarten at Macquarie College and are known as ‘K-12 Originals’.

Highest ATAR Year 12 Dux, Alex Bodkin, achieved Top All Rounder by receiving 90 or higher in five examinations undertaken (Chemistry, English Advanced, Mathematics, PDHPE, Studies of Religion 2) and received an ATAR of 97.7.  As a result, Alex intends pursuing a career in emergency medicine and trauma response, if successful in gaining entry to Medicine at James Cook University.

Throughout 2015/16, Alex’s approach to studying her HSC involved a good balance of study and relaxation.

“I was really organised right throughout the HSC, I committed to regular study but these were not strictly timetabled,” Ms Bodkin said.

“By keeping up to date with readings, note-taking and summaries every week, I wasn’t overloaded, it was just about making continual progress.”

“While I would have liked a few more marks to open up a more options, I’m proud of these marks and now just have to wait for offers to be made.”

“I went to the gym every day after school because I made time for that, as well as weekly dinner catch-ups with my friends.  It was really important to me to do that in between study sessions.”

“I’m really grateful for all of the assistance I received from my teachers, because they were so approachable throughout the HSC, to help with anything.  They really cared for us and made sure we understood, and had the best chance possible to do well in the exams.”

Sarah Jones achieved an excellent result in Studies of Religion 2 unit, ranking 6th in the State.

Aidan Gageler has an additional reason to celebrate this year, after his Visual Arts Major Work was selected for inclusion in the ARTEXPRESS exhibition touring New South Wales in 2017.   His work, a photographic series titled “Wanderer above the fog”, featured landscape images from across the Hunter Valley and demonstrated advanced photographic composition and editing techniques.

Macquarie College Principal, Dr Bruce Youlden, congratulated this year’s cohort on their achievements, confirming that the HSC results are one of many important elements which represent students’ overall achievement during their time at the College.

“The 2016 Year 12 cohort has worked hard to achieve personal best results in every area of academic study and co-curricular pursuits,” Dr Youlden said.

“Our staff have nurtured this cohort over many years as they progressed through the Senior School, challenging each individual to learn course material comprehensively, and understand ways in which it can be applied to their daily lives.”

Dr Youlden praised the students and their families following today’s ATAR announcements, reflecting on the journey they have experienced over the past two years and the new life experiences awaiting the departing Year 12 students.

“We are proud of the students’ efforts and know that these performances will open many doors to future study and employment for a rich and fulfilling future.”

“Macquarie College continues to offer a well-rounded program of academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual learning which enriches the lives of our students as they enter society and guides them in their life choices as young adults.”



9% received 95+

20% received 90+

48% received 80+

2016/17 Prefects and House Captains

Further to the recent announcement of the 2017 College Captains, please see below for the full list of Prefects and House Captains.

Congratulations to all students who have earned the opportunity to serve your peers in these leadership roles.

2016/2017 Prefects
Tahlia Dent
Nathaniel Duggan
Carl Gearing (Captain)
Holly Kozlik (Captain)
Harrison Lyddiard
Lachlan McCloskey
Sarah Otton
Campbell Ross
Belle Smith (Vice-Captain)
Damon Tually (Vice-Captain)
Emily Coles
Hannah Coles
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Adam Mitchell
Cooper Verstegen
Emma Wellham
Louis Wellings
‭ ‬‬‬
2016/2017 House Captains

Charlton:  Holly Kozlik, Emily Coles, Nathaniel Duggan (Sport Captain), Campbell Ross
Dobell:     Kendall Williams (Sport Captain), Chloe Jones, Damon Tually, Carl Gearing
Shortland: Bernice De Jager, Nakita Jackson, Gawain Ng, Philip Hosken

Building life-long Bonds with Villagers in Vanuatu – STORMCo 2016

Macquarie College students are building life-long bonds with local villagers in Vanuatu, giving back to the island community through their annual service program.
Forty students depart Newcastle on 9th November 2016, the next generation of Year 12 school-leavers swapping traditional year-end celebrations for enrichment initiatives in the Olwi Village, Vanuatu.

STORMCo (Service To Others Really Matters Company) is a program deeply embedded in the culture of the Macquarie College Senior School after just eight years in place. It is a life-changing experience for students, resulting in new Year 7 students looking forward to their own international travel adventure, supporting a remote community and experiencing a lifestyle as their brothers and sisters have done before them.

Students will immerse themselves in the local village, for some it will be their first time overseas. With only basic amenities, this first-hand experience of a humble village existence awaits them. As too does hard work.

The purpose of this year’s trip is to support the Olwi Village with building projects including tiling, painting, fixing ceilings and constructing drainage to collect water at the local Primary School. These works will improve the teaching and learning environment for students who are constantly faced with extreme weather conditions in the region, many of whom are still recovering from the catastrophic impact of Tropical Cyclone Pam which battered the island of Port Vila in March, 2015.

Among the physical tasks there is also time for reflection. Students will embrace the culture and learn from their hosts, they will spend time reading, playing and performing with local students during which time bonds will be formed as they realise the value of service to others and living in the moment.

The Year 12 Class of 2016 departs Macquarie College on Wednesday 9th November after almost 12 months committed to fundraising activities aimed at purchasing building supplies and education resources for their time in Olwi Village. While paying for their own flights and their accommodation in Vanuatu at the end of the service trip, students turned their minds to a comprehensive fundraising campaign throughout 2016 which featured hosting stalls and guessing competitions at the recent Spring Fair, an auction, and everyone’s favourite chocolate boxes.

There is also an active GoFundMe page for this trip, with donations sought direct from the community which will help students to reach their online fundraising target of $5,000. STORMCo trip coordinator, Mr Aaron Williams, is proud of the Year 12 cohort which has committed to the trip, to fundraising and to the opportunity of experiencing global citizenship. During 2016, students have been challenged in their thinking about the value of sharing small acts of support and kindness. This trip will see many small, individual acts accumulate to make a significant difference to this remote island community.  

Click Here to visit the group’s GoFundMe page.

“In 2009, we inspired 19 brave students to go beyond their comfort zones and make a commitment to helping others with tangible resources and also compassion. We are now in the final stages of preparations for 40 students and seven staff to continue the tradition in 2016,” Williams said.

“So far, fundraising efforts have generated $12,000.00, but our final online fundraising target of $5,000 via GoFundMe is yet to be achieved. We would certainly appreciate support from individuals across the Hunter who may like to make a small donation. This act of kindness will go a long way. We are cannot wait to get started on the building works promised to the Olwi villagers.”

“Local businesses Honeysuckle Dental and KH Account Solutions have both donated $1,000 each to our campaign and we are truly grateful for this level of support, which will purchase valuable building supplies for the project.”

“While this service trip is focused on village life and making a lasting contribution, we will also take time to celebrate the end of Year 12 in a safe and positive environment while staying in Vanuatu. On return to Newcastle on 16th November, the next phase of our students’ lives will begin as they seek out employment, study or community-oriented roles and make their own way in society.”

Details of trip
• Departing the College: Wednesday 9th November, 2.00pm from Macquarie College
• Returning to the College: Wednesday 16th November
• Tour Organiser: Mr Aaron Williams, 4954 6222
• Students on Tour: 40
• Accompanying Staff: 7

Macquarie College Announces the 2017 Senior School Leaders

On Wednesday 20th October, the Senior School gathered for a special Chapel service, during which the 2017 Leaders were announced.  

Dr Bruce Youlden, Principal, greeted the 2017 Leaders and congratulated them on their appointment, and expressed pride in them for their values demonstrated throughout the year which have earned them the opportunity to represent their peers and the College in their final year of Senior School.  You can watch Dr Youlden’s speech here

The 2017 Leaders are Carl Gearing and Holly Kozlik (Captains) and Belle Smith and Damon Tually (Vice-Captains).

Student Representative Council members Sarah Ottoway and Harrison Lyddiard gave a wonderful speech during Chapel, which is shared below.

SO: Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this.”  However, this definition only scratches the surface of what true leadership is.
HL: Sarah and I, asked some teachers to sum up what they believed to be the most important aspect of leadership, in one word.  Here’s what we received:

  • Courage, Example, Service, Strength
  • Selflessness, Patience, Guidance, Transparency
  • Considerate, Humility, Vision, Empathy
  • Integrity, Influence, Authenticity, Empowerment
  • Not one answer was identical.

SO: So how can leadership mean so many different things yet sound so simple. Leadership can be recognising a problem and finding a solution to it. It could be helping others with a selfless heart. It could be acting as a role model to help guide those around you. Leadership revolves around kindness, respect and initiative.
HL: So who is a leader? Leaders are people who know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way. Leaders can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, school captains, the list goes on.

SO: In other words, leadership is complex and means many things to many people, depending upon the context. For instance, some lead by example and take a hands on approach such as in sporting teams, while others are more authoritarian, taking a hard line approach and delegating as we see in the military. Either way, a leader cannot lead without followers. Followers need to respect their leaders.. What therefore engenders respect?
HL: Respect must be earned through both actions and words. Great leaders such as Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela demonstrated time and time again that respect must first be earnt. Integrity, fairness, compassion, and consistency all come to mind. However, sometimes respect is earned by making difficult decisions that aren’t popular. Jesus Christ, a great leader, acted in ways that were clearly not popular and paid the ultimate price.

SO: In a more current setting, we see the opposite unfolding in the soap opera of the US presidential campaign. One of the candidates appears to have issues with integrity and judgement, but is at least consistent. Opportunistic popularity does not necessarily make a great leader.
HL: School leadership is unique. Its sharing your gifts, abilities, talents, dreams and ideas with everyone around you. But there is more to it than that. Leaders model, connect and involve. They act as role models for the community, they connect with the people they want to lead, and they involve people whenever they can.

SO: We lead by example, and one of the most difficult parts of leadership is showing people that they can do better even if they doubt themselves. Leaders put time and effort into those around them, they aim to give people a better experience and try to produce the best results possible.
HL: They don’t give up, and they strive to always be their best, regardless of their circumstances. Leaders talk, show and share in order to learn, inspire and encourage others to make better things happen.

SO: So what kind of leader will you strive to be? One whose authentic and patient? Or one who serves, guides and is empathetic?
HL: What about integrity, respect and strength? Or selflessness, transparency and consideration?  Why not be all at once.

Student Voices Join the Conversation on Global Justice Issues

Shell-sea (12C) a member of the chapel leadership team for 2016 had an idea early in the year to run a social justice project. Joining together with Damon (11M), Letitia (12C), Abby (11M) – and with the help of many others – they created a new school initiative called the ‘Social Delusion Project’.

We welcomed visitors to the College from a number of different organisations which are involved in very important work in this social justice and support area. A special thanks to ADRA, The A21 Project, World Vision and Destiny Rescue.

The students loved learning about each organisation, and moving between the different stalls to explore the projects taking place all over the world.  We heard from our guest speaker Jo Darby who urged us to combine our voices at school level about social justice issues, with many other world conversations on these same issues because influencing change is possible. Bringing heaven to earth.
We also partnered with the Year 12 StormCo team to sell food and drinks to raise funds to be used later this year in Olwi Village, Vanuatu. We served hot drinks and some delicious Naan breads made by Tracey and Shell-sea, which added to the overall success of the day and raised much needed funds for the organisations part of this day.
“I can see the Social Delusion Project becoming a regular thing. It brought the school together and I love that we’re pushing for more kids to become aware of social justice issues. Such a great vibe and way to do it.” Abby  M (Year 11M)