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Indonesian Service Trip by MC Alumni Shell-sea Ellem (2016)

Macquarie College Alumni, Shell-sea Ellem (2016) recently shared technology resources with Indonesian students, creating new learning opportunities and cross-cultural relationships.

A two year journey of personal exploration and service to others extended beyond completion of the HSC at Macquarie College in 2016.  Shell-sea met with participants in an Asian Aid humanitarian project in March 2017, to donate technology resources on behalf of the Macquarie College community.

The inspiration for Shell-sea’s journey was sparked after attending a school presentation about the partnership between Asian Aid and the H.E.L.P. Foundation (Health, Education, Lifestyle Program) which positively influences the lives of young Indonesian Muslims. The Foundation provides direct support in learning English and business skills, and teaches students methods for making informed choices about their health and wellbeing.  The donation of laptop computers by Macquarie College will contribute to the improvement of the students’ learning environment.  

Shell-sea learned that the H.E.L.P Foundation was also partnering with Macquarie College to raise awareness about the wellbeing of young people in Indonesia via the College’s own INVICTUS Wellbeing Program.   The INVICTUS Wellbeing Program was developed by Mr Joshua Brown, Coordinator of English and History at Macquarie College.  The Program requires students to complete life-skills modules (Journey, Network, Master and Serve) which guide teenagers in their social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and wellbeing.

Accessibility to this technology is necessary for effective upskilling of students in an effort to be work-ready in future years, maximising future opportunities for personal and community success.   Students from the Year 9 Invictus Program in 2016 also helped Shell-sea to achieve her mission by fundraising and supporting the procurement of the donated laptops. 

The synergy between the two programs was obvious to Shell-sea who experienced her first trip to Indonesia, and made the most of this adventure by working as a volunteer English teacher.

Host a French Exchange Student in 2017

Each year there are hundreds of students from around the world who choose to visit Australia. You can be a part of the experience by welcoming a French exchange student into your home.  By opening your door and hearts to an international exchange student your family can:
• Make a lifelong link to a family in another country
• Learn about another culture
• Share the beauty of Australia and our culture
• Gain a new family member
• Contribute to International goodwill
• Develop a friendship that will last for many years

Here are some wonderful insights and reflections of the Hosting experience shared by three Macquarie College families.

Hosting a student from France is an experience that we would recommend.  Our student was keen to integrate into our way of life and fitted in with our girls’ after school activities.  She was a little hesitant with having to wear a uniform to school but after a couple of weeks (and definitely by the end) was pro-uniform and wished she had one back at her school in France!  She spoke English very well, however was asking for us to correct her so she could improve even further.  For our family the experience was one that drew us even closer as we all had to work together to accommodate having someone new in our home.  Robbins family (Brooke year 8 and Megan year 5)

Our family has hosted two French students over the past couple of years. The experience for our family was fantastic. Our 4 children were able to learn about France, its culture, traditions and our students even cooked a French meal for the family.  As a family we especially enjoyed the time we spent together visiting and exploring our local area with our students. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone.  Thompson family (Ebony year 10, Mackenzie year 6)

We have hosted six exchange students over the past years and we find the exchange a very rewarding experience in a number of ways:

  • Our family learns about another culture and language firsthand and it helps our family and the host student to see different ways of living and thinking through “new eyes”.        
  • We have developed lifelong friendships with some of the students – and intend to visit them when we go to France and Europe.
  • Helps our daughter to better understand the increasing global nature of life in the modern world – including a broader perspective on the world, learning more about geography, communication and international cultures.
  • It gives us the opportunity to show our student Newcastle, Australia, and our  way of life, the ‘life of an Aussie teenager’  – including our school

We believe the exchange enriches our family life through a broader perspective of the world – as well as the opportunity to create  a ‘friend’ in another country.  
Hillyard family (Allegra year 10)

Please contact Madame Woolford on 49546222 or Email Madame  if you are interested in this unique opportunity for your family or if you have any questions regarding hosting.

2018 Scholarship Program for New Students

Each year Scholarships are available for Year 7 students who demonstrate exceptional ability and achievements. Scholarships are awarded in three categories: Academic, Merit and Excellence Awards.

Academic – Exceptional academic achievements across all subjects
Merit – Exceptional skills and ability across a range of academic and extra-curricular pursuits
Excellence – Exceptional skills and ability in a specific discipline such as Applied and Performing Arts, and Sport.

All Scholarship categories have a set of criteria that applicants must meet to be eligible. These are listed on the relevant Scholarship Application Form.

Families considering enrolling their child at Macquarie College, starting in Year 7 in 2018 are invited to participate in the 2018 Scholarship Program.  Applications close Friday 21st April 2017.

Click Here for more information, including the 2018 Program Overview for New Students, and copies of the Criteria and Application Forms for the three categories of scholarships awarded.

Senior School Leadership Build Team Culture Through City Scramble

On Friday 17th February, we had the most amazing experience! Despite the rain, hail, thunder and lightning, the 2017 Senior School Leadership team braved the elements to participate in a City Scramble in Newcastle. Teams were challenged to race around Newcastle, from Horseshoe Beach to Empire Park, taking photos, competing in challenges and collecting items. The day entailed taking a photo with a random high-vis clothed worker, to begging a lady at the bank for a foreign coin, to taking temporary shelter from the sideways rain behind a bush and convincing Mr Martin to give us a little lift in the bus (after all, the rules never mentioned no vehicular transport!).  

The day was nothing like I expected! Working as a team to complete the challenges was great fun! Starting with a bubble-gum blowing competition and ending with a delicious candle-lit dinner back at school, being served by the teachers, the day was nothing short of fantastic! A huge thanks to all the teachers who gave up their time to make Friday such a special day for us.  

Emma Wellham, Year 11 Prefect

Rediscovering Family Heritage through Languages Program

Klaudia Receiving the Minister's AwardKlaudia Kolodziejska (Year 10T) is discovering the strength to be found through family ties and how to make new connections with family heritage, through her native tongue.

Emigrating from Poland as a six year old, Klaudia immersed herself in the Australian language and way of life, participating in accelerated English language study so that she could communicate with her new school friends and teachers in English.

Klaudia’s commitment to the continuation of Polish language study saw her take up part-time classes, from which she has received a Commendation in the 2016 Minister’s Awards for Excellence, in Community Languages Schools.  Klaudia attended an award presentation event at the University of New South Wales on 2nd November, where diverse cultures and a love of languages was celebrated.

“Over the past few years I had lost touch with my family’s Polish history, particularly when I stopped using our language every day,” Klaudia said recently.

“I used to exchange letters with my grandparents in Polish, and I’ve been watching Polish movies with Mum.  It’s great to be able to have a special thing that’s just ours that we share, quoting lines from a movie and laughing about characters.”

“The Polish language is so much more intense, with so many different meanings around words and communicating is a deeper process.  I’m glad that I am continuing to learn how to use it as a young adult.”

In 2017, Klaudia begins Year 11 and has already committed to another two years of Polish language study for her HSC, in which she’ll be assessed on written, spoken and listening capabilities.

“I was really embarrassed when I was called up on to the stage during Chapel recently, when there was a presentation by the school about my recent Award.  But what I really love is that there are so many unique people here, with special talents and interests which make them interesting people and really fun to learn from. I’m glad that I was actually able to share my story with everyone.”