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Year 9 STEM students are pleased to introduce Jeremy

Year 9 STEM finished the year with a team robot-building project that involved designing, building and coding a robot using the skills we had learned throughout the year. We assembled the robots using Arduino boards and other electronic components, a laser-cut plywood body we designed using Adobe Illustrator software, and used the Arduino programming language to instruct the robot how to function. We had Arduino programming experience from controlling LEDs and electronic sensors, and laser cutting experience from earlier in the year when we design and built plywood marble runs, however we had not done something like this before and as such it presented a challenge. Through careful planning, trial and error, and a lot of glue, the three teams were able to create functional, moving robots, which drove using on-board motors, and were able to detect and avoid objects using an ultrasonic sensor.

“Time was a constraining element. We ended up using Aila’s code as she had made code that actually worked.” Maria P (9O)

“The coding part of the project was the best part, as we got to code whatever we wanted to make the robot move around.” Navpreet S (9B)

“Through this project Abigail and I learned basic coding skills but also how to problem solve. We learned that you typically have to check things in many different spots in your code to fix a small problem, and sometimes you end up changing things you didn’t even know were a problem.” Coco C (9H)

“It worked in the end, which is all I really wanted, to be honest [laughter].” Aila B (9O)

By Liam M (9O)

Senior Athletes Awarded HRIS Honours

Five Macquarie College students have been acknowledged by the Hunter Region Independent Schools Association for their significant contribution to the Year 7 to Year 12 sport program.  At the final Senior School assembly for the Term, the five Year 12 athletes were presented with awards honouring their participation in regional school sport throughout their secondary schooling.  

Commitment award: selection in 4 team sports, or 5 individual sports
Exception commitment award (Year 12): selection in 5 team sports or 6 individual sports
All-Rounder award: selection in 3 sports in the calendar year

Congratulations to these five students for their outstanding efforts over the past six years representing Macquarie College at the HRIS level.

Jasmine A (12N)

All-Rounder: Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming

Exceptional Commitment: Cross Country, Swimming

Lucy G (12N)

Exceptional Commitment: Swimming

Selina M (12M)

All-Rounder: Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country

Exceptional Commitment: Basketball, Cross Country

Byiringiro N (12M)

Commitment: Athletics

Exceptional Commitment: Cross Country

Ryan R (12M)

All-Rounder: Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country

Exceptional Commitment: Basketball

Six senior musicians excel at the 2019 HRIS Cultural Festival

Earlier this month a small group of talented Senior School students took part in the 2019 HRIS Cultural Festival at Hunter Valley Grammar School. This year’s festival featured secondary students only, approximately 260, representing 16 schools. The day consisted of six hours of intensive rehearsal followed by an evening concert. Macquarie College students participated in the Year 9-12 Choir, Concert Band, Wind Orchestra and String Orchestra.

Congratulations to Matthias S (7M), Nicole C (7V), Aila B (9O), Nicole N (9B), James B (11Z)  and Jackson D (10M) who represented Macquarie College at the festival and showed high levels of commitment and musical talent.





Senior Biology Students Explore Coastal Ecosystems

Year 11 Biology students recently headed to the beach to complete field work for their depth study.  We visited Dudley to survey some of the different abiotic and biotic factors of the beach, while doing so we were able to see the fossilised forest which was a really amazing experience. Mrs Chaumont pointed out all of the redder coloured rocks with the patterns in them which looked like the bark of a tree had been carved into them. Many of the fossils were sticking out of the rock pools which we discovered were actually fossils of trees that had been created millions of years ago after a volcano erupted. We then hopped back on the bus to go to Merewether Beach to continue to develop our ecosystem surveying skills. At Merewether we used a wide variety of science equipment including an anemometer (measuring the wind speed) and quadrats placed over the rock pools to count organisms. Even though we were there at low tide some of us still were harassed by the ocean filling our shoes full of water. 

It was astonishing to see all of the different organisms that lived in the rock pools, you don’t realise how abundant life is there until you actually look closely and start to take notice. There were so many different types of creatures that covered the area from simple sea anemones and algae, to sea snails claiming their homes on various rocks. We were able to see interesting adaptations from the snails that lived in the lower tidal zones which were more spread out and on the tops of rocks, while others that lived in the high tidal zones made their homes in crevices and grouped together to stop themselves from being washed away and becoming dried out as the tide recedes. 

Overall it was an amazing clear day to visit the beach, and the cold winds didn’t matter too much as we were busy running around all day keeping us warm.  It’s definitely a highlight to Year 11 Biology and something to look forward to for all future biologists. 

Riley T (11Z)

MC Lego Masters Competition 2019

MC Lego Masters Winners

Junior: Emma H, Elizabeth M
Senior: Harrison R, Jackson C, Sam H, Harlan E

Heat Winners
The previous five heat winners listed below

Round 1 – Vehicles

Junior: Siri S, Helen L, Monique E, Brenton B, Caleb K
Senior: Zack N, Jed R, Adam G, Jacob H

Round 2 – Animals

Junior: Emma H, Marcella S, Elizabeth M
Senior: Marshall M, Cody L, Maddyck D

Round 3 – Aliens

Junior: Willow-Rose P, Eloise D, Bethany H, Eve J
Senior: Harrison R, Jackson C, Sam H, Harlan E

Round 4 – Buildings

Junior: Sonny R, Levi R
Senior: Xanthe B, Dallas R, Molly R, Alby D

Round 5 – Spacecraft

Junior: Simi W, Lucas G, Connor S, Carter M, Wil H, Mason P,  Callum L
Senior: Jai D, Pierryck A, Jake F, Aiden S

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