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Save the Date: School Readiness Information Session

Pre-school and Junior School staff invite parents and their guests to save the date, Wednesday 27th March 2019, for the annual Transition to Kindy parent information night.

Come along and meet our Kindergarten Teachers who will present ways in which you can positively support your child  as they prepare for their transition to Kindy in the years ahead.  Some of the topics being discussed on the night include:

  • Reading to your child
  • Interactive conversations
  • Self help skills
  • Day to day skills
  • Emotional & social skills
  • Technology

Transition to Kindergarten Registration Poster 2019

Information on how to register for this event will follow shortly.

Enrolment at Macquarie College is not a pre-requisite for attendance  at this free community event.

Special event for parents preparing their child for Kindergarten

Macquarie College Pre-School

The Macquarie College Junior School is pleased to invite parents, friends and guests to a free, community event for parents with children preparing for Kindergarten in 2019 or 2020.

Tuesday 27th March
7.00pm – 8.00pm
Macquarie College Library

Our Kindergarten Staff will present on a range of activities, decisions and behaviours which can be developed with your infant, to prepare for Kindergarten and to enjoy their entry into ‘big school’.  Topics which we will discuss on the night include:

  • Reading With Your Child
  • Interactive Conversations With Your Child
  • Self Help Skills
  • Day to Day Skills
  • Emotional and Social Skills
  • Technology
  • Other Considerations for Starting School
  • The Junior School Community

Click Here to register your attendance at this information session.  Supper will be served on the night, so please RSVP early to confirm your place.

Pre-School Music Program

Our Pre-school families are enriched by an early-learning music curriculum which is formally integrated within the Pre-school’s Early Years Leaning Framework.  The high-energy music classes are held weekly, and are taught throughout the year by our experienced Pre-school and Junior School Music Teacher, Mrs Ingrid Shaw.

This speciality music program engages students through interactive sessions in which they learn how to “sing it and say it, before you can play it”.  Music is a dynamic medium and the Pre-school music program teaches children how to express themselves through musical techniques and concepts such as:

  • loud and soft sounds;
  • rhythm;
  • dynamics of pitch; and
  • movement (singing, dancing and playing).

By participating in both individual and group music activities, children learn the value of patience, taking turns and experience the joy of celebrating with friends when they achieve foundational music skills and regularly present these as mini-performances.

Music can provide breakthrough experiences for children as they learn communication and socialisation.  Weekly music lessons deliver a repertoire of material for each Pre-school teacher to take back into their Rooms (Possum Room and Wombat Room), incorporating music teachings with weekly activities involving all children.

Our beginner music programming is unique within the Region.  This introduction to individual and group musical activity in Pre-school is a perfect stepping stone for children progressing into the Macquarie College Junior School, where music is celebrated and performed consistently in all Stages of Junior School learning and development.

Parents are welcome to attend the weekly Pre-school music classes and to observe their child’s interaction with others, experimentation with instruments and participation in group music activities. 

Please contact the Pre-school Reception on 4954 9449 to arrange your visit.