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The Latest 5/10ths Program Delivers Food, Facts and Friendships

On Friday 30th June, Year 5 and Year 10 convened for the next round of their 5/10ths Mentoring Program!  Here are some reports from the Year 5 students about their experiences spending time with the Seniors and bonding over food, facts and friendships.

I really enjoyed the 5/10ths trivia day. It was really cool getting to meet people in Year Ten and getting to know them. The trivia was really great. We were asked a variety of questions and we had to discuss them in our groups and decide what the answer was. My favourite part was getting to have pizza for lunch. We were given lots of pizza to share in our group. I really loved chatting to the Year Ten’s as we shared pizza and even though we didn’t win the trivia I still had an awesome time. I am really excited to hear what fun and exciting activity we will be doing with them at the end of next term. Samantha C

5/10ths was absolutely awesome!!!!!! We had a tricky and fun quiz which got our brains working. There were questions about all sorts of topics like sports, music and other forms of general knowledge. Our team put on our thinking caps to share our answers. The pizza was absolutely scrumptious! I enjoyed sharing half a pizza with my friend. What a lively afternoon it was. Rebekah M

The Trivia Afternoon was so cool working together with the Year Ten’s. It was fun discussing answers all together and doing different topics like trying to guess different songs from the radio. The best bit of the Trivia Afternoon for me was eating hot pizza and combining with the Year 10’s and making friends with them.  Sienna C  

The Year Five’s and Year Ten’s did a trivia together at the end of last term. For lunch, we had pizza and it was scrumdiddlyumptious. We had to work as a team to answer some trivia questions. It was a bit challenging but at the same time, I can’t wait to do something else next end of term with the Year Ten’s James H

Register Now for the Term 3 Holiday Program

The Term 3 School Holidays are only a few weeks away.  There is a great opportunity for students to participate in the annual Kids Club Holiday Program!

The “High Seas Expedition” is fun daily program for children aged from Kindergarten to Year 6, where they will meet lots of new friends, moving between each activity in guided groups and explore the love of God on a journey that can change them forever!

This program is a free daily program between 3rd July and 7th July, delivered by the team at the Wallsend Church on the Macquarie College campus.

Click Here to download the Holiday Program poster

Click Here for more information and the Program website.

Year 2 Retrace the Steps of Newcastle’s Maritime History

By Jackson C (2W)

On Tuesday, May 2nd  Year 2 went on an excursion to the Newcastle Maritime Museum. We went because we are learning about our harbour.  We met a man named Frank, he showed us around the Museum. Then we watched a video of what Newcastle might look like in one hundred years. I learnt quite a lot. I learnt what cargo is and I also learnt a lot of boat names like a paddle-steamer and butcher boat. I also learnt that the people who worked on the butcher boats were called stevedores, this name comes from the Spanish word estibar. After the museum tour we went on a long walk. We had to look at what rubbish was in the harbour, Sam H and I spotted 258 cigarette butts! We also had to count the transport we could see on the harbour. Next we arrived at Nobbys Beach and did a sketch of the view. I was glad it was over when we got to the bus because I was tired. It was a fun and tiring day.

By Samuel D (2W)

Last week Year 2 went to Newcastle Harbour to learn all about our amazing harbour.  First we went to the Maritime Museum. We saw boats on the ceiling and on the ground, some were models. After that we walked to Nobby’s Beach. Along the way we spotted lots of boats and some rubbish. We even saw a shoe. Then we arrived at Nobbys Beach. We sketched a picture of a natural, built or managed area.  In the end we walked back to the bus. I felt happy and tired at the same time.

Junior School Leaders Inspire the Next Generation

On Friday 31 March, our School Captains presented speeches to the Junior School about “leadership” and how to be a positive influence on others. The speeches followed their attendance at the Halogen Young Leader’s Day “Imagination” in Darling Harbor earlier this term. 

Captain Anton Holgate spoke about Sam Webb, who started up a charity to support mental health. Captain Sienna Eve shared what she learnt about leadership from Jade Hameister, a 15-year-old explorer and outdoors adventurer. Gulalai Khalid, Vice Captain, discussed what bio-medical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen taught her about being a good role model and “persistence”. Kalan Rodrigues, Vice-Captain, shared his reflections on leadership after listening to musical performer Barry Conrad.  

Here is what they had to say: 

Captain: Anton Holgate

Sam Webb had a friend named Casey Lyon. Casey Lyon’s best friend Dwayne Lally lost his life due to mental illness. Sam and Casey were heavily affected and wanted to help so together they created a charity called LIVIN. It is a non-profit Charity where people can go to seek help. The charity took two years to build, and I learned that you need patience, sometimes things will go wrong and you will ‘stuff up’ from time to time. You need to persist and not stop, because if you have a dream just be patient and to get to your goal. Finally, you need positivity, you can be patient and persistent but if you’re not positive it will feel like a chore instead of a fun activity. That’s the three p’s and that’s definitely one thing I took from Sam’s speech. I think to be a good leader you must be patient persistent and positive because if you’re not then it will be harder for you to be a leader.

Captain: Sienna Eve

Jade Hameister is a 15 year old student from Melbourne. At the age of 14, she completed the longest hike to the North Pole by a woman on the planet! Jade told us not to judge ourselves by the opinions of others. People’s negativity should not stop you from reaching your true potential. At Halogen Young Leaders Day, Jade told us to set our goals and dreams higher and to push our limits. Jade really inspired me to always try my best no matter what others say because one day we will reach our goals. 

Vice-Captain: Kalan Rodrigues

Barry Conrad, a musician and actor, has participated in many acts and performances and has been rejected from many more. From his experiences he taught me to not only be resilient and persevere, but to have a positive approach on everything I do. He inspired me to use my gifts and talents to make positive outcomes in the world and inspire others to do the same. I’m not just saying I was inspired because I needed to write about the inspiration that I felt, but because I was legitimately inspired by the speakers. My goals from my speech were not just to talk about Barry Conrad, but to inspire others via Barry Conrad’s Story.

Vice Captain: Gulalai Khalid

Dr Jordan Nguyen, a Chinese bio-medical engineer, created a mind controlled smart wheelchair which allowed people with disabilities to achieve their ultimate goals in life. He has taught me that not everything is achieved on your first attempt. Showing perseverance, persistence and patience is very important and I learned that I should care for others. Dr Jordan showed a lot of these qualities and never gave up no matter what happened. As I listened to his talk I took notes on how to be a better leader myself.

Junior School Bush Dance Extravaganza 2017

On Tuesday 28th March, the Junior School Bush Dance was held under the COLA.   This event brings together the whole of Junior School once every three years, and we were thrilled to welcome so many families to the College for this social, community event.

The country fever was in full swing as each year level performed to a large audience of parents, grandparents, friends and special visitors.

After each dance, students proceeded to call upon another person to share a second dance. The evening featured the Hokey Pokey, Pony Dance, Chicken Dance, Drongo, Barn Dance, Heel Toe Polka, and concluded with the very popular Nut Bush.

There was an overwhelming amount of food with the choices of dinner packs, fairy floss, ice-cream, snow cones, haystacks (the type you eat; not the ones you sit on) and all sorts of drinks.

Peter Dixon and his band were the entertainers for the night and everyone had a jolly good Aussie time. Special mention to thank our amazing PTA Committee for putting together this wonderful evening.

A selection of pictures from the night are available on the College Facebook photo gallery,  CLICK HERE.