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Realising the Value of Friendships

During weeks 1-5 this term, Year 3 girls have participated in friendship activities during lunch time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The group was supervised by Janelle Tolley, our School Counsellor and Lauren Menzies who is currently undertaking her counselling placement with Macquarie College, and supported by Miss Koren White, Assistant Principal – Junior School.

This is the second year that a small group activity for Year 3 girls has been run, in response to a growing need for management of the challenges with peer dynamics which may surface at this stage of the girls’ development.

Students from 3F and 3S opted were invited to engage in games, colouring and other activities, as well as sitting together on picnic blankets to enjoy their lunch together in small or large groups.

The final session featured a celebration lunch with yummy treats including some hot chips and sweet snacks. It was wonderful to see the girls relax, mixing and strengthening their bonds, laughing, and having fun together. 

At the conclusion of the program, some of the students shared their thoughts about their friends and being a friend.  Thanks to Allyson, Scarlett, Isabelle, Lily, Zoe, Reagan, Brightness, Jacinta, Bronte and Sophia for sharing their thoughts:

Why do we need friends?

‘So that we aren’t lonely and we have a good school day’, ‘They support you in rough times’, ‘To keep us company and so we have someone to play with’,  ‘To have fun and play together’, 

What can you do to be a good friend?

‘Say kind things’, ‘Be truthful, and help them when they get hurt’, ‘Be kind and friendly’, ‘Be loyal and innocent and to always be with your friend’, ‘To say hello and say what is your name’, ‘Help when they need’, ‘Be kind to them’, ‘Be kind, friendly and helpful to others’.

How does it feel when a friend is kind to you?

‘Really good!’, ‘It makes me feel happy’, ‘It feels like you’re loved and that there is always someone by your side’, ‘I feel good inside’, ‘It feels like you have someone behind you’.

What was the most important thing you learned?

‘That we need lots of friends to play with, not just one’, ‘That if they what to go and play with someone else they are still your friend’, ‘Be kind to others and if you see someone with no-one to play with go up to them and say ‘do you want to play with me?”, ‘That it’s good to be with people’, ‘To celebrate someone’s birthday and have fun’, ‘You need to be nice to your friends’, ‘If someone is new to the school, make friends with them and get to know them’, ‘To stick up for your friends’.

Click Here for some images taken during the celebration lunch at the end of the girls’ program.

Students Attend Special School’s Concert By The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

On Friday 24 May, students from the Junior School String Ensemble, Concert Band, Chapel Band and Senior Primary Choir attended a special School’s concert by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the City Hall in Newcastle. After the concert the students had a picnic in Civic Park followed by an afternoon of fun music activities in the Newcastle University campus on Hunter St. The activities included; performing with body percussion, score reading and making a trumpet from a hose, mouthpiece and funnel.

Everyone who attended the excursion had a great day and favourite highlights from students include:

  • The circus song that the orchestra played –Sophie, Year 3
  • Blowing into a hose – Lizzy, Year 3
  • Listening to fun music and guessing what the music was about – Gabby, Year 6
  • The concert was incredible – Riley, Year 5
  • Closing my eyes and listening to all of the instruments playing at once – Giselle Year, 5
  • Walking around the uni as though we were Uni students – Lizzy & Chelsea, Year 5
  • Seeing the huge double basses that were bigger than the men playing them – Swaye, Year 6
  • Being able to sing and dance with the orchestra, not just listen – Ocea, Year 6

Click Here to view the gallery of images.


Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds

Year 2 recently made pesto with fresh basil picked from their garden. Almost everyone in Year 2 was brave enough to try it – because they know the colour doesn’t determine the flavour. It was delicious. Year 2 is proud of being able to grow food that they can eat.


Lego Masters Competition

Last week there was great excitement as we launched the MC Lego Masters competition as part of our Makerspace program. Each week for the next five weeks ten new teams will work to a theme, with winners from each round taking part in the finals at the end of the term.

This week’s theme was ‘Vehicles’, and there were certainly some fabulous constructions. The competition was thoroughly enjoyed by both the participants and the onlookers. We are looking forward to seeing more creativity and teamwork in the coming weeks.

We would also like to mention how impressed we were by the thoughtfulness of many students who helped us to sort the Lego back into colours and tidy the library without being asked.


Year 4 Learn about Seals, Penguins, Tigers and Sustainability

On Tuesday the 26th of March, Year Four got the amazing opportunity to go to Taronga Zoo.

Croak! Did you know that frogs can drink through their skin, and when they eat or drink bad stuff they vomit all their organs out and they scoop it up and eat it!  The penguins were noisy and agile, who knew they could swim so fast! Roar! The endangered Sumatran Tigers are having so much fun and they were so close to us, only separated by a thin sheet of glass! 

When we were there we got to go to the seal show. Seals have the same bone structure as we do in our hands. Fun fact: seals spend much of their life in water, but they mate, give birth to babies and take care of them on the shore. We learned that you should consider buying sustainable (look for the M.S.C approval) fish because it is more healthy for the environment.

After the giraffes and meerkats, we headed towards the seals and penguins.

The penguins were gliding through the water, swimming merrily back and forth together in one big group. After we had a good look at the penguins we went to see the seals just outside the penguins enclosure.

There was only one seal swimming, but it certainly liked the attention. It was swimming all around the edge of the huge pool hoping everyone would look at him.

A thing you should consider is to buy Certified Palm Oil. Most palm oil farms are made by chopping trees unsustainably and to speed the process up, they usually just burn everything down! By choosing to buy products with sustainable palm oil you, yes you, are able to help save the environment.

The Tiger Trek was fun as well we got to go in a imaginative plane and got to see Sumatran tigers, we also got to see an unhealthy-shopping-game where you have a cart and need to get all the healthy items before time runs out!

It was a great experience where we could learn about animals and their habitats and enjoy watching how they live in the zoo. I also recommend to bring extra money to spend at the ice-cream shop and souvenir shop.

Elizabeth M, Emma H, Ryan C and Marcella S (4T)