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Senior Choir Continues to Grow and Inspire

On Thursday 6th February, the Senior Primary Choir had their annual Choir Retreat in the Campus Church complex.

We started the day in worship with Pastor Brad and then played some fun interactive games, demonstrating the importance of working together as a team. Other activities included choral score reading skills, sectional rehearsals, singing through new repertoire and of course, pizza!

This year’s Senior Choir is our largest ever, consisting of 63 members and they are already sounding wonderful together.

Final Day Fun includes Chapel & Mufti Day Fundraiser

Mufti Day Fundraiser

Mufti Day FundraiserThe final Junior School chapel on Friday 5th July was a special day, as it coincided with a mufti day some special farewells.   For our mufti theme, we had the choice of either wearing pyjamas or a onesie and those dressed in mufti were asked to bring in a gold coin donation, to raise money for the Australian Red Cross! We all thoroughly enjoyed it!  It was a very comfy experience. Some people wore onesies like lions,giraffes and zebras! Some students from Years 1-6 enjoyed being a part of a special photo! That was very exciting! 

The most important part of the morning’s chapel program was the class hosting … KW students were spectacular! They sang a song to show us we need to have love in our hearts and be kind to our friends, family and of course our teachers! They showed us a video of how we can colour our world with kindness, and how a simple thing can make someone’s day. We danced and performed the actions to the songs! 

We had a very special guest speaker, Dr Emma Campbell, who told us about how to be kind, and that kindness is the best medicine for sadness. You can definitely heal people with kindness! 

We had some farewell presentations, including a thank you and bunch of flowers for the  lovely Mrs Young who is leaving our school and relocating to Queensland. We also said farewell to Mr Franklin, who is on leave until the end of 2019. 

By Benjamin A, Daisy M and Zahra W (6B)

Junior School Students Learning to Life a Full Life

“I’m king of the world!”  The Junior School chapel program on Friday 21st June started off with 3S presenting a well-rehearsed acrostic poem about obedience. The poem stated that we should respect and obey our parents (no matter the circumstance). It reminded us that we should listen too, and respect God’s word. 

“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 1 John 4:16 was our weekly verse. The theme helped us to learn that we should live our lives to the fullest no matter what other people do or say.

The speaker was Mr Brown, who showed us a clip from Titanic and it opened with a man standing at the railing of the Titanic and yelling, “I’m the king of the world”! After the clip finished Mr. Brown told us about a holiday that he went on around Australia when he was a teenager and how he recreated the Titanic clip at a place called the Wall of China located at Ord River WA, because no one was around. It was a fantastic talk and it was good to know that God wants us to live our lives to the fullest.
By Ben A & Thomas T (6B) and Nourseen A & Avy L (6C)

On Friday 28th June, Ms Macalpine led the string ensemble in a special item, before the Year 3/4 Choir sang “Storm” followed by the Year 5/6 Choir which sang “Bella Mamma” and “When You Believe”.  Our theme this fortnight is Caring & Compassion.  We were visited by Miss Dotty who spoke about the importance of humility, the story of footwashing at the Last Supper, and how God wants us to serve others.

Students inspired by the words and music of Anna Weatherup

During this week’s Senior School Chapel, Australian ‘The Voice’ contestant Anna Weatherup performed songs related to our chapel theme of “Letting Love Thrive”.

An original song ‘If I Ain’t Got Your Love‘ was composed after Anna finished The Voice. The song talks about how she would prefer to be a musician because she enjoys it, rather than the fame.
It was good to hear that we should pursue what we enjoy rather than what will make us look good.

Climb‘ is another song which Anna has composed. She wrote it about one of her friends who although was in the darkest parts in their life would get up each day and climb hill near their house. So this song is talking about how we need to continue climbing despite how high the mountain or whatever other obstacles may be in our lives.

Anna told us how her love for God shapes the songs she writes without intentionally doing it. When I reflect on my own actions I can see that God has shaped my actions like He has Anna’s, and that He is continuing to do so.   Also, the best way to get through hard times is just continuing walking, or in the sense of the song, climbing.  I have also realised in my life so far, how much better I feel when I do something positive without others realising it. This sort secret helpfulness or kindness is what makes me happier and enjoy life more than when I’m doing it in front of others. Furthermore, I don’t necessarily enjoy being the one in the spotlight the whole time, as I do really enjoy quiet time and find that it is in this quiet time I gain stronger and more meaningful friendships with others and find out the most about myself.


Anna Weatherup
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James B (11Z)

Introducing a new era of leadership at Macquarie College

On Wednesday 24th October, Macquarie College Principal Dr Bruce Youlden introduced the new captains for 2018/19.

The announcement of the next generation of student leaders coincided with the introduction of Dr Youlden’s successor, Mr Rohan Deanshaw, who will commence as the Principal of Macquarie College in 2019.

Dr Youlden presented Captain’s badges to Isaiah Broad (in absentia) and Lucy Geelan, as well as Vice Captains badges to Ryan Rowe and Channae O’Hern during the special leadership chapel.   Dr Youlden and Mr David Martin presented Sport Captains badges to Max Kozlik and Jasmine Anderson following their announcement as the leaders of the MC Sport program for 2018/19.

During the Chapel service, the 2018/19 prefects spoke to the qualities of leadership that inspired them, the attributes that they wished to demonstrate as future leaders and encouraged all students to consider how they may be of service and lead in their daily lives.  Over the coming weeks our Prefects

Dr Youlden’s introduction of Mr Rohan Deanshaw as the new Principal was a special moment for reflection about the new chapters that are to be written in all leaders’ lives.  Mr Deanshaw comes to Macquarie College after a distinguished career as the Principal of Kempsey Adventist School, which has seen exponential expansion to become one of the leading education institutions in the Macleay Valley. 

Rohan DeanshawDr Youlden’s announced Mr Deanshaw’s appointment to the parent community on Monday, highlighting the current leadership roles Mr Deanshaw holds within AIS  Advisory Committees, and his contribution to the development of Project Based Learning frameworks within the NNSW Conference of Schools. 

In greeting students and parents at Wednesday’s Leadership Chapel, Mr Deanshaw acknowledged Dr Youlden’s role as the founding Principal of Macqaurie College, and his committed service to Adventist education spanning 40 years.