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Introducing a new era of leadership at Macquarie College

On Wednesday 24th October, Macquarie College Principal Dr Bruce Youlden introduced the new captains for 2018/19.

The announcement of the next generation of student leaders coincided with the introduction of Dr Youlden’s successor, Mr Rohan Deanshaw, who will commence as the Principal of Macquarie College in 2019.

Dr Youlden presented Captain’s badges to Isaiah Broad (in absentia) and Lucy Geelan, as well as Vice Captains badges to Ryan Rowe and Channae O’Hern during the special leadership chapel.   Dr Youlden and Mr David Martin presented Sport Captains badges to Max Kozlik and Jasmine Anderson following their announcement as the leaders of the MC Sport program for 2018/19.

During the Chapel service, the 2018/19 prefects spoke to the qualities of leadership that inspired them, the attributes that they wished to demonstrate as future leaders and encouraged all students to consider how they may be of service and lead in their daily lives.  Over the coming weeks our Prefects

Dr Youlden’s introduction of Mr Rohan Deanshaw as the new Principal was a special moment for reflection about the new chapters that are to be written in all leaders’ lives.  Mr Deanshaw comes to Macquarie College after a distinguished career as the Principal of Kempsey Adventist School, which has seen exponential expansion to become one of the leading education institutions in the Macleay Valley. 

Rohan DeanshawDr Youlden’s announced Mr Deanshaw’s appointment to the parent community on Monday, highlighting the current leadership roles Mr Deanshaw holds within AIS  Advisory Committees, and his contribution to the development of Project Based Learning frameworks within the NNSW Conference of Schools. 

In greeting students and parents at Wednesday’s Leadership Chapel, Mr Deanshaw acknowledged Dr Youlden’s role as the founding Principal of Macqaurie College, and his committed service to Adventist education spanning 40 years.


Junior School Chapel Journos – Friday 13th April


On Friday 13th April, Junior School welcomed Flying Officer Christopher Rees-Jones.

The main theme was ANZAC day and how we should always be loyal to your country. Flying Officer Rees-Jones was also talking about how we should be proud of all of the soldiers that have made Australia what it is today. Our soldiers have shown loyalty and bravery. Lest we forget.

At this time, we remember that Jesus died to save us just like the soldiers continue to give their lives for our country and our freedom. No matter whether it’s something big or small that someone sacrifices, we should always be thankful.

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you . Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for His friends.
John 15:12-13

Nicole C, Julia C (6L) and Jahnavi R (6CS)

Junior School Chapel Journos – 16th March 2018

Friday 16th March: National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Pr Daron Pratt was today’s speaker at Chapel.

The main theme discussed at this special Chapel was about being different from others and getting bullied for it.  We learned how to stand up for what is right.  God made each of us just the way we are and that is what makes our world unique. 

After hearing Pr Pratt’s message, it made us think of a time when friends exclude you from a game or ignore you, or when people call each other names and laugh at you.  It reminded us that we should help each other and include, play and be nice to everyone.

Whenever we see people that are being bullied or may be sad, we should go and help them and ask if they are okay.  Also we are learning to not just be a bystander, we should lend a hand.  We must treat others the way want to be treated.

Sophie W and Nicole C (6L)

Junior School Chapel Journos – 9th March 2018

Macquarie College ChapelFriday 9th March: Exercising Self-Control

Pr Dana Howard was the guest speaker at JS Chapel on Friday 9th March.

Pr Howard helped us to understand what self-control means. In Proverbs 13:3 “Self control means controlling the tongue. A quick retort can ruin everything.” When thinking about this week’s JS Value, I remembered a time that I wanted to get a special toy for Christmas but I did not get it. When it was my birthday I was so surprised to get it.

I think it is important to display self-control to teachers, friends and family and we should always show self-control even when its hard to.

Sophie W and Julia C (6L)