Macquarie College CAPAMacquarie College prides itself on its outstanding Creative and Performing Arts program, providing opportunities for students in the areas of Drama, Music and Visual Arts. Students are provided with the chance to express their creativity and performing abilities through dramatic and musical productions, art exhibitions, instrumental and vocal ensembles, and Studio MC, Macquarie College’s newly implemented recording studio. Students can also elect to study a musical instrument with one of the College’s external tutors.


Drama is offered at Macquarie College as an elective subject in Year 9 and 10. The students have exposure to different dramatic forms during English in Stage 4 and are able to elect to extend their skills of performance and design in a specific Drama course during Stage 5. Within this 200 hour course students are encouraged to work individually and collaboratively on projects which include performance and behind the scenes elements. As a faculty we are continually adapting and changing with technology, and students utilise film and production forms such as lighting and sound to enhance or differentiate their work. The students present their projects at performance nights, chapel programs, CAPA nights, and major productions within each year and involvement with the school musical.

Music is offered at Macquarie College at all levels from the mandatory course in Years 7 and 8 through to extension level in Year 12. Students study a wide variety of music and are encouraged to develop their interests and abilities in Performance , Musicology, Aural and Composition. Musicians are avid consumers of technology and at Macquarie College technology features heavily in the classroom. Students use a variety of music software and hardware in the composition process and technology is utilised for notation and recording purposes also.

Visual Arts is offered at Macquarie College as mandatory in Year 8 and student are then able to elect to do art in Year 9, 10 and then in their Senior Years, 11 & HSC.  The students are given a range of media to experiment with and are then able to choose their area of expertise to extend into major artworks.   Students are given an opportunity to study art history and given terminology and tools to then be able to write about art. They are taken on excursions to view art exhibitions of past and current artists and students works and are then asked to respond to these artworks in their writing.  

Visual Art students have many opportunities to present their creative works, including Chapel, performance nights at the College and at local venues, as well as participation in the annual Art Show. Senior School students demonstrating excellence in their creative works are supported through nominations to the HSC ArtExpress and Exhibitions coordinated by NESA.


There are a variety of performance opportunities available to students who have an interest in music. The performing ensembles currently on offer at Macquarie College include:Lizotte's 90s Party

  • Concert Band
  • Stage Band (including solo vocals)
  • A variety of Vocal Ensembles
  • Chapel Band (for contemporary worship)

Students who are interested are also invited to be part of the regular performance opportunities. Our showcase performance opportunities include our annual Lizotte’s Performance, Biennial Musical Production and Small Ensemble Showcase at the Civic Playhouse.

Senior School students demonstrating excellence in their creative works are supported through nominations to the HSC Showcases and Exhibitions coordinated by NESA.