Macquarie College is a Christian co-educational campus catering for young people from Pre-School to the Year 12 Higher School Certificate. While the College Pre-School is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Education Department, it is governed by an elected Board of Management.

Our program is a living, evolving, collaborative process incorporating the voices and ideas of children, families, educators, visitors, early childhood theorists, sector pedagogy and research.  The collection, recording and presentation of information varies according to the voices that contribute, the style of the recorder and the technology and thought processes of the time. If you have multiple children attend our service the reflection of each one’s engagement with the program may look markedly different with so many variables in place.  During the orientation process you will become familiar with the current style of our program presentation and how you can engage with your child’s learning and with us.

At the forefront of our programming endeavours is incorporating the concepts required to develop skills necessary for a successful start to School life at Kindergarten. Our focus is on the development of self-help skills, the ability to recognise the needs of oneself and of others, and to care for oneself, one’s belongings and those around us.

We also focus on introducing literacy, numeracy, science and an overall excitement to learn about the world in which we exist. We learn literacy as we take note of signs and messages in our environment and as we read books and participate in group times together. We discover maths as we dig in the sand and build with the blocks, we find the wonder of science through painting, experiments and finding insects outdoors. We learn to release our emotions through music and movement. We learn that there is a time for everything and that sometimes we get to choose and sometimes we must follow the routine.

Our entire day is about learning and engaging with the environment, with resources and with people.  Each child’s learning journey at Pre-School is documented in a portfolio. The portfolio represents the progress each child makes in developing their identity and sense of wellbeing, how they connect and contribute to the world, how they are becoming confident and involved learners, and effective communicators.

The portfolio includes observations, photographs and samples of work reflecting the interests and journey of each child.  The observations, reflections and summative assessments are emailed to parents several times throughout the year to reflect the progress each child is making at Pre-School.  You are welcome to discuss your child’s progress with an Educator at any time.  Our daily program includes time for extended blocks of indoor and outdoor play, following a similar routine each day. The routine will vary according to the seasons and weather.

We encourage you to engage with your child’s journey and with their educators throughout your time at Macquarie College Pre-School. We encourage your feedback and welcome your ideas.

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to be involved in the program and to spend time with their child in the centre. It is very important for your child to see your interest in his or her activities.