‘Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children, play is serious learning.’
 Fred Rogers.

The aim of Early Childhood Education is to prepare children for lifelong learning and to provide them with a solid foundation on which to build. Concepts required for future and further learning are constructed through exploration, discussion, co-operation and the sharing of knowledge. Play allows children to develop at their own pace and to discover the world around them in a style that connects with them individually. Our play environments, incorporating both indoor and outdoor spaces, are designed and developed to ignite a love for learning and to inspire children to direct their own growth through the ability to make choices and develop confidence.

Our Educators engage in a constant cycle of observing, planning and reflection to ensure experiences are suitable for each child at their current stage and to encourage continued growth and development. Teamwork is highly valued amongst our Educators and each team member brings unique qualities and skills to the service and work together to provide engaging and meaningful experiences. Our Educators regularly attend Professional Development, to extend their own knowledge and to keep up with current research and best practice in Early Childhood Education.

Christian values and faith stories are integrated into the daily program. The preschool program allows the children to make positive connections with Educators and peers, to learn to share and co-operate, to work as part of a group, to think, investigate and solve problems. As well as belonging to a secure and caring Christian community.

We participate in shared experiences with the College Community, often attending musicals, sports days, library and classroom visits. Members of the College Community also visit us for events enabling an increased understanding of community.

We engage with events in the wider community increasing awareness of our society including Pyjama day (Asthma Foundation), Crazy Hair Day (Leukaemia Foundation), Scholastic book fair just to name a few! We invite visiting performances to be a part of our service expanding each child’s knowledge of other cultures, concepts and ideas.

Further information is available from the Preschool or by visiting the Parent Resources section of this Website and selecting the Preschool Handbook and/or Philosophy links.