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Hours The office is attended on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We are open on all Macquarie College Open Days and encourage you to come along to these events to view our facilities and to learn more about our services and staff.

Enrolments at Macquarie College Pre-School are at the discretion of the Director and in accordance with Government guidelines regarding Priority of Access. Whilst due care is given to accommodate your needs, the needs of the service are also considered. Children of all cultures, faiths and ability levels are encouraged to attend and we value diversity and inclusivity. We encourage you to discuss with us any additional challenges your child, you and/or your family may face during Preschool attendance from the outset so we can begin to plan to best accommodate all individual needs from day one.

Upon enquiry you will be offered to place your child on our Waitlist. This can be done at any time and we recommend completing a Waitlist form as soon as practicable to enable you the best chance of securing a placement when you need it. Once all places are filled for a given year children will remain on the Waitlist until a position becomes available. Children attending school in the following year will usually be given a higher priority for available placements than those who have another year or more prior to School commencement. A once-off non-refundable fee is required to place your child on our Waitlist.

Once a placement becomes available for your child we will contact you to begin the Enrolment process, this will include the completion or required paperwork and an orientation visit for you and your child.

Get in touch today to place your child on our Waitlist, come along to an open day to discover more about our Preschool or make an appointment with our Director.  A Waitlist form is available in the Parent Resources section of this website.

Government Assistance

Childcare Benefit and Rebates are available to all eligible parents. Fees are charged for the full 48 weeks per year and parents receiving Government Subsidies can elect to have these subsidies paid to them or directly to the service thus reducing out of pocket expenses. Parents/Caregivers must make an application to the Family Assistance office prior to the child’s commencement at Pre-school and must provide the service with a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for both parent and child in order to receive subsidies. Full fees will be charged until such time that the required documentation is received. It is not common practice for the Service to hold placements for a child, in the instance this is required subsidies are paid by the Government for care received once the child has commenced attendance, fees due prior to this time will be at full cost.

For further information regarding Childcare Benefit and Childcare Tax Rebate please call the Family Assistance Office on 13 16 50 or visit their website

Macquarie College Pre-School is an approved centre and our CRN is 555 002 810L.


Documented evidence of Immunisation must be presented prior to formal enrolment and attendance for every child at Pre-School. We only accept the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Statement as evidence of your child’s immunisation. Please do not bring in your blue book or letters from your GP as these will be refused. An AIR can be obtained by calling Medicare or through the Medicare Website Please ensure your AIR Statement is the most recent and your child does not have outstanding vaccinations as this will delay their enrolment.