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Enrolment and Enquiries

All enrolments are at the discretion of the Director and the Macquarie College Pre-school Board. The pre-school is open 48 weeks a year: 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Child-Care Benefit allowance is available to all eligible parents. Our priority of access is in accordance with Government guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the guidelines please speak to the Director. Consideration is also given to the length of time a child has been on the waiting list. Daily fees have been structured to include activities and expenses, including craft consumables such as paint, paper, glue, craft items, etc., and also shows and special guests for the children, parent night guest speakers, policy book, printing colour photos for portfolios, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas gifts.

Government Assistance

Child-Care Benefit allowance is available to all eligible parents. Our priority of access is in accordance with their guidelines. Fees are charged for the full 48 weeks. Should you wish to apply for Child Care Benefit, then an application must be made at the Family Assistance Office prior to your child commencing pre-school. Full fees must be paid until the assessment notice is received at the pre-school. Parents or guardians who are working, studying, or training are able to claim a 50% Child Care Tax Rebate capped at $7,500 p.a. This rebate is not income tested, and will be paid quarterly or as an annual lump sum.

The Child Care Tax Rebate is designed to help families to meet their out-of-pocket child care costs. To find out more visit or call the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50. Macquarie College Pre-School is an approved centre. The Customer Reference Number (CRN) is 555 002 810L.

Our Program

Macquarie College is a Christian co-educational campus catering for young people from Pre-School to the Year 12 Higher School Certificate. While the College pre-school is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Education Department, it is governed by an elected Board of Management.

Program Overview

The Pre-School environment enables the children to gain an appreciation for literacy and numeracy; to work as part of a group, to share, cooperate with and listen to others; a capacity to think, investigate and solve problem; as well as feel safe, secure, and accepted. The daily program is designed to meet the needs of every child, recognising that children develop at different rates. Each experience is provided with a purpose in mind. Individual assessment programs for each child exist in the form of a portfolio.

The portfolio consists of documented development in the following areas: social/emotional, physical, spiritual, thinking, creative, and communicating. It also includes spontaneous and group experiences, photographs, samples of work, and group-learning projects. The teaching staff observes and assesses each child and plan teaching accordingly. The portfolios will be available for parents at all times. If you feel a need to discuss your child’s progress please speak to your child’s focus teacher. A daily program will be displayed in each room. This will vary according to seasons and weather, but because young children feel secure with routine, most days will follow the same timetable.

If you have any questions about your child’s day please see a staff member.

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to be involved in the program and to spend time with their child in the centre. It is very important for your child to see your interest in his or her activities.

Our Staff

All Pre-School staff members are highly qualified and hold either TAFE or University qualifications. Moreover, they are very dedicated and highly committed to nurturing the well-being of each child in their care with the staff/student ratios ensuring a high level of personal care. This has contributed to the high level of professionalism evident within the program, to the quality care offered to each child and to the Centre being accredited at the highest level.

Djuna O’Hern

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Macquarie University

Wombat Room: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Maryann Burns

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Newcastle University

Possum Room: Wednesday to Friday

Julie Town

Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services), Belmont TAFE

Possum Room: Monday – Friday

Jennie Kelly

Associate Diploma of Social Science Child Studies, Belmont TAFE

Wombat Room: Monday – Wednesday

Jodie Patmore

Diploma of Children’s Services

Administrative Assistant: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Barbara Rosendahl

Associate Diploma of Social Science Child Studies, Belmont TAFE

Floater: Monday
Wombat Room: Wednesday

Rachel Tooley

Diploma of Children’s Services

Floater: Tuesday, Wednesday
Wombat Room: Thursday, Friday

Colleen Lonsdale

Environmental Services

Our Approach

The early childhood service at Macquarie College is designed to prepare children for school life, to care for their early developmental needs, and to provide an enriching program in a caring Christian environment.

As with the College, the Pre-School program is available to families of all religious persuasions who have regard for the Christian ethos of the College. Set on top of the hill on Lake Road, the 6-hectare site provides a picturesque environment for education featuring superb facilities and continuity of education from Pre-School to the Year 12 Higher School Certificate.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Centre not only offers Extended Care, but also attracts a Commonwealth Fees Subsidy which is obtainable from the Family Assistance Office.


The first day of pre-school is a milestone in the life of your child, a time when he or she steps out as an individual, moving forward towards independence in a new environment. We aim to make this transition as smooth and exciting as possible.

Our philosophy is to provide children with a caring, safe (both physically and emotionally) environment, where a play-based Christian-focused curriculum will extend and develop children to their full potential as individuals and as members of their family and the broader community.

Our philosophy is to openly communicate with parents and encourage involvement in all aspects of the centre.

The centre is available to children aged 3-5 years and is open for 48 weeks of the year. Commonwealth subsidised places makes the Pre-School affordable for the family budget.