Senior Athletes Awarded HRIS Honours

Five Macquarie College students have been acknowledged by the Hunter Region Independent Schools Association for their significant contribution to the Year 7 to Year 12 sport program.  At the final Senior School assembly for the Term, the five Year 12 athletes were presented with awards honouring their participation in regional school sport throughout their secondary […]

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Year 4 Students Explore Historic Sydney

On Thursday 5th September, we travelled to Sydney to learn about Convicts and British Colonisation. We had to be ready for the bus by 5:55 am, and we were all very tired. Some of us even slept on the bus! It was a 2 ½ hour drive with lots of chatter, especially when we saw […]

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Kindergarten students embrace native wildlife at Oakvale Park

Kindy visit to Oakvale Wildlife Park

‘Moo’, ‘baa’, ‘cheep cheep’ came the sounds as our Kindergarten students entered the Oakvale Wildlife Park.  Walking through the nocturnal house the children found slithering snakes, bearded dragons and tiny lizards lazing, before squealing with delight as they received bottles of milk to feed baby lambs, goats and piglets. Some students even got to milk […]

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Six senior musicians excel at the 2019 HRIS Cultural Festival

Earlier this month a small group of talented Senior School students took part in the 2019 HRIS Cultural Festival at Hunter Valley Grammar School. This year’s festival featured secondary students only, approximately 260, representing 16 schools. The day consisted of six hours of intensive rehearsal followed by an evening concert. Macquarie College students participated in […]

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Senior Biology Students Explore Coastal Ecosystems

Year 11 Biology students recently headed to the beach to complete field work for their depth study.  We visited Dudley to survey some of the different abiotic and biotic factors of the beach, while doing so we were able to see the fossilised forest which was a really amazing experience. Mrs Chaumont pointed out all […]

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