Lest We Forget

History teacher Ms Angela Britt lead out in our annual Remembrance day service held under the COLA.

Alexandra Mangano is a Year 11 student who comes from a long line of servicemen dating back to her great-grandfather.

After reading the first verse of the poem “Halt! Thy tread is on hero’s grave”, Alex went on to share about the book of poetry that her great-grandfather sent home to his family while he was fighting in the First World War. Although injured, he was one of the lucky ones to return from the Great War.

She spoke to her fellow students about the hardship of saying goodbye to a father and of being a family member left behind to wonder if her father would return from war or not.

Nicholas Morgan also spoke to the staff and student body about Flanders Fields on the western front in northern France.

Nicholas explained how the poppy flower is used as an international symbol of unity for the countries that were allied during times of war and to honour the fallen diggers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

While Mrs Lisa O’Neill sister to our own Music Director Mr Andrew Scully, she is also a professional musician in her won right. She is a private music tutor and HSC accompanist who took time our of her schedule to come and perform the last post for us which was followed by one minutes silence for all Australian troops both past and present.

Lest We Forget!