Our Approach


More than 140 years old, Macquarie College is part of a world-wide system of Christian education. Consistently among the top performing schools in the Hunter Region, and within the top 90 schools in New South Wales, the College is committed to excellence in all areas. Accreditation under the Quality Adventist Schools program, as well as our internal program of Strategic Improvement, create a clear framework for the culture of continued improvement.

All College staff, from Pre-School through to Year 12, are extremely well qualified and passionately committed to their specialty areas. Many staff hold Honours or Masters Degrees. More importantly, all staff members are dedicated to the well-being and success of every student.

Integrity and Respect

The College is committed to upholding and transmitting the principles and values of the Christian faith with an emphasis on integrity in all things and respect for all people.

Staff members facilitate discussions and challenge students to a deeper appreciation of values including integrity, loyalty, respect, purity, truthfulness, unselfishness, and charity and their practice in daily life. This lays the foundation upon which students can ultimately serve the needs of an evolving society with dignity.

Equally, courtesy, modesty, refined speech, discreet behaviour, sensitivity, and a caring attitude are all important characteristics of Macquarie College students growing toward maturity. Students are taught to respect the rights of others and to take pride in their personal appearance and demeanour.

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs of any other kind are strictly prohibited at Macquarie College.

Community Service

The College recognises the importance of its partnership with the broader community. Staff and students are actively involved in community projects such as Red Cross, Red Shield Appeal, World Vision, Asian Aid, Royal Blind Society and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).

In 2009, our Year 12 students participated in the inaugural overseas service trip to Vanuatu instead of going on the traditional Schoolies trip to Queensland. This trip is conducted under the umbrella of the STORMCo program -Service To Others Really Matters.

The STORMCo Vanuatu trip is now an integral activity to the Year 12 student experience, strengthening the bonds between students, teachers and our neighbours in Vanuatu.