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Student Voices Join the Conversation on Global Justice Issues

Shell-sea (12C) a member of the chapel leadership team for 2016 had an idea early in the year to run a social justice project. Joining together with Damon (11M), Letitia (12C), Abby (11M) – and with the help of many others – they created a new school initiative called the ‘Social Delusion Project’.

We welcomed visitors to the College from a number of different organisations which are involved in very important work in this social justice and support area. A special thanks to ADRA, The A21 Project, World Vision and Destiny Rescue.

The students loved learning about each organisation, and moving between the different stalls to explore the projects taking place all over the world.  We heard from our guest speaker Jo Darby who urged us to combine our voices at school level about social justice issues, with many other world conversations on these same issues because influencing change is possible. Bringing heaven to earth.
We also partnered with the Year 12 StormCo team to sell food and drinks to raise funds to be used later this year in Olwi Village, Vanuatu. We served hot drinks and some delicious Naan breads made by Tracey and Shell-sea, which added to the overall success of the day and raised much needed funds for the organisations part of this day.
“I can see the Social Delusion Project becoming a regular thing. It brought the school together and I love that we’re pushing for more kids to become aware of social justice issues. Such a great vibe and way to do it.” Abby  M (Year 11M)

HSC Design & Technology Students On the Move

Two Macquarie College students have taken accessibility to a whole new level in their 2016 HSC Major Design Projects.

Taylar (12W) created the Emergency Motorcycle Tool Kit and Robert (12G) created the HD Diving Plane
Robert’s project is designed to be used as a live interface when game fishing. Live underwater viewing has been enabled from bait setting right through to landing a fish with the design and development of a stingray-like attachment for a Go-Pro.
Taylar’s Emergency Motorcycle Tool Kit (EMTK) has been developed out of a need to have an all-in-one kit featuring first aid and procedures, tools and puncture repairs for off-roading and trail riding.
Both students have undertaken extensive research, design, development and testing to get to where the project is now and we’re excited about their works being judged by this year’s HSC markers and wish them all the best.

Final Days: Egypt and Middle East Archeology Exhibition

The Ancient Mysteries Revealed achaeology exhibition is coming to a close, but there are still a few more days to explore.

The archaeological exhibition will feature replicas of Tutankhamun’s death mask, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other pieces from ancient Egypt and the Middle East, plus many more.

Friday: Exhibit 6.30-7pm followed by a seminar 7pm – 8pm
Saturday:  Exhibit 1.30-2pm followed by a Seminar 2-3pm

Sunday: the Exhibit will be open between 12pm – 3pm on Sunday during Spring Fair.

The Exhibition and Seminars will take place in the Multipurpose Hall 1.

New Year 5 Class Proposed for 2017

A new Year 5 class is now proposed for 2017 to meet the demand for enrolment in the Middle School at Macquarie College.

This presents a special opportunity to access a high achieving Christian educational environment that includes innovative approaches to teaching and learning as well as a comprehensive range of cultural, sporting and extra-curricula activities.  

Year 5 lays an important developmental foundation for a successful transition into high school.  Give your child the best opportunity in an affordable and supportive environment for students and their families.


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Year 3 Delighted and Amazed by Taronga Zoo Inhabitants

On Wednesday the 17th August, both Year 3 classes travelled to Taronga Zoo in Sydney.   Here are some tales of their adventures told by the students.

It felt like ages to get to Sydney. Some of us even fell asleep. The excursion was a huge blast!. One of our favourite animals was the komodo dragon. They even fed it dead mice. We got to pet a possum. It’s fur was as soft as a lamb. We also saw some meerkats fighting. We saw seals, tasmanian devils, pythons, possums, turkeys, tree frogs, a stick insect and heaps more! It was late when we got home. It was a memory none of us will ever forget. 
Oscar Zahra Addison (Year 3B)

Last week on Wednesday, August 17, 3W and 3B went on an excursion to Taronga Zoo. We went because we are learning about Living Things. It took a long time to get there and back. We watched movies on the bus and chatted with friends. Ruby (3W)

Some of things I enjoyed about our visit to the Zoo are the baby ringtailed possum, Maple, because she ate a flower so quickly and she was very small. I also liked the corroboree frogs because they were striped like tiny tigers and they could climb the walls. Avy (3W)

I learnt a lot of things at the Zoo. I didn’t know before we went to the Zoo that the Tasmanian devils have cancer. I also learnt that the corroboree frog is very small and that there are birds I didn’t even know about. Iles (3W)