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Second Hand Workshop Machinery For Sale

Over the past few years, the Design and Technology workshop has updated a number of machines, and it is time to move the older machines on from our store room.

The following machines are now available for sale.

  • 2 Woodfast wood lathes, one 220V the other 415V
  • 1 13mm Kirra benchtop drill press
  • 1 13mm REXON benchtop drill press
  • 1 Woodfast Benchtop Disc Sander 305mm
  • 1 Dewalt Radial Arm Saw
  • 1 HAFCO Power Hacksaw

Inspections are welcomed and encouraged as these are all second hand and in various stages of repair and function.
Each machine will go to the highest offer emailed to Mr. Ross by 2pm on Friday 2 December 2016.

Students Participate in Global Hour of Code Program

We live in a world surrounded by technology, and whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly depend on understanding how technology works.

Many classes throughout Macquarie College will be participating in the Hour of Code during the last few weeks of term.  The Hour of Code is the largest global learning event in history. Since it began in 2013, our students have participated in this event each year with more than 100 million others worldwide.

Macquarie College has a school-wide commitment to giving students STEM coding opportunities that combine Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology in meaningful ways to develop their critical problem solving, computational thinking, and technological fluency, empowering them with essential 21st century skills.

Participating in The Hour of Code is one way we do this, and is also something you can encourage your children to continue doing on computers at home, or you can even get involved and do some activities with your young children also!  Students are so excited about seeing their basic coding activities translated into on-screen action, we encourage parents to engage with children about what they are doing as part of the Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code website ( offers a diverse range of fun, interesting and challenging guided and self-directed interactive coding and computer science learning opportunities.  These are suited to children aged from three to 18. We encourage you to get involved in The Hour of Code with us in 2016.

Mr McElevey and Mr Cox
Digital Technologies Facilitators

Sculptures by the Sea Inspires Year 6 Students

My favourite sculpture was the adaptation by Niharika Hukku.  I like it because of the colours used, the vibrant blues and aqua with the white made the sculpture look magnificent.  The materials used were porcelain, steel and phosphorescent paint.  I also like the sculpture because of its meaning, representing how the reefs and oceans have had to adapt to survive.  Also, how a lot of the corals have been alienated because of our lack of care and pure laziness.  We really need to pick up our ac t or soon all our corals and reefs will no longer be beautiful.  They’ll be dead.  I think I could one day make an ephemeral art sculpture but it would be very challenging and need a lot of determination and perseverance. Aliyah (Year 6S)

My favourite sculpture was the Three Vessels – Amphora, Pug and Torpedo.  It represents how humans have made containers for many years, and asking us to think about what they are for and why do they make them?  I like this sculpture because of the mixture of colours placed onto the vessel, also because of the shape and how none of the three vessels were the same.  The materials used were clay, paint, steel and cement.  I think that from making ephemeral art I could make one of those art works one day but it would take a lot of practice and patience.  Karla (Year 6L)

2016/17 Prefects and House Captains

Further to the recent announcement of the 2017 College Captains, please see below for the full list of Prefects and House Captains.

Congratulations to all students who have earned the opportunity to serve your peers in these leadership roles.

2016/2017 Prefects
Tahlia Dent
Nathaniel Duggan
Carl Gearing (Captain)
Holly Kozlik (Captain)
Harrison Lyddiard
Lachlan McCloskey
Sarah Otton
Campbell Ross
Belle Smith (Vice-Captain)
Damon Tually (Vice-Captain)
Emily Coles
Hannah Coles
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Adam Mitchell
Cooper Verstegen
Emma Wellham
Louis Wellings
‭ ‬‬‬
2016/2017 House Captains

Charlton:  Holly Kozlik, Emily Coles, Nathaniel Duggan (Sport Captain), Campbell Ross
Dobell:     Kendall Williams (Sport Captain), Chloe Jones, Damon Tually, Carl Gearing
Shortland: Bernice De Jager, Nakita Jackson, Gawain Ng, Philip Hosken

Special focus on Aboriginal Culture at Macquarie College

On Friday 4 November, both Senior School and Junior School held special Chapel programs with a focus on Aboriginal Culture in Australia.

Pastor Johnny Murison is a well known Aboriginal Seventh-day Adventist Church Pastor, who has featured on the “Beyond the Search” TV series.

Pr Johnny talked about Aboriginal culture from his Christian perspective, sharing information and photos with our students about bush tucker, Aboriginal rock art, and how Aboriginals lived in the Australian outback.

He then shared a special presentation to Year 1 classes, and students who identify as Aboriginal or of Torres Straight Islander descent. Pr Johnny played the didgeridoo, talked about hunting techniques, and demonstrated face painting with the students.   Click Here to see a gallery of images from Friday’s event.
Pr Johnny said that we can learn a lot about God’s character from nature. However, he explained that the ultimate revelation of God, is Jesus Christ who calls us to follow Him. 
Pastor Brad Rea and Josh Goss