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Sport & Recreation Centre on Schedule for 2017 Completion

Many years of planning by the Macquarie College Foundation, the College Council, and the wider community are slowly coming to fruition as the construction of the Sport and Recreation Centre progresses on the Campus.  

The project commenced construction on 7th March and works are currently on schedule for Completion early in November 2017.   Most recently, the concrete floor to the lower ground floor amenities has been poured and some of the external walls are now up to ground floor level.

The first construction milestone is coming up in around two weeks’ time when the elevated ground floor concrete slab will be poured. This milestone will entail the arrival and departure of a series of concrete trucks throughout the morning. Once this is poured it will be easier for everyone to get a better view of just how large this building will be!  The next major milestone for the construction will be the erection of the structural steel frame. This will entail an increase in the movement of large vehicles to the site for the delivery of large steel frames. We will keep parents updated about any anticipated impacts on traffic flow during that time.

Completion of the Centre will enable our Junior and Senior School Sport programs to be delivered without disruption within a state-of-the-art facility which will no doubt inspire future generations of sport and recreation participants to higher levels of participation and achievement.

The Centre will also provide additional, high-quality training spaces for students to prepare for their roles as sporting representatives of Macquarie College.

The College is also committed to making the Centre accessible by the wider community, for the delivery of formal and informal activities and programs.  More information about opportunities to utilise the Sport & Recreation Centre will be made available to the College community and the public closer to Completion.

It is certainly an exciting time as we watch the transformation of the site and start to imagine ourselves within the walls of the new Sport & Recreation Centre.

For regular updates on the construction site,
especially photographic progress,
please follow the Macquarie College Sport Facebook page.

PTA Hosts a Successful ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’

Macquarie College hosted an ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’ event on Friday 12th May in the Canteen Hub, to raise funds for the Cancer Council.  The morning tea was a fundraising success, with $638.00 raised for the Cancer Council from generous donations.  Members of the Macquarie College community are still welcome to make a small donation, which you can do online by Clicking Here.

We had a lovely high tea style morning tea provide by Lia Ross from Petit Fours High Tea and delicious fruit and yoghurt provided by Nyree Sessions from Top Juice.
We had some great prizes donated also including an amazing $100 fruit basket, hair products and vouchers, a ladies perfume pack, Bill Bass Sunglasses, a $100 Target voucher, Bakers Delight Warners Bay Voucher and some amazing curry pastes and relish from JamesandRose.
Our mums had a lovely social time together, finishing with a very informative talk by Dr Emma Campbell when we heard about the challenges and some opportunities to achieve balance in the lives of mothers.   The morning finished with the drawing of a donated gift.
A huge thank you to all of the businesses and friends who supported the successful hosting of this PTA event, contributing to this important cause, especially Mrs Julie Morrow for collecting donations and hosting on the day.

 Please click here
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Year 2 Retrace the Steps of Newcastle’s Maritime History

By Jackson C (2W)

On Tuesday, May 2nd  Year 2 went on an excursion to the Newcastle Maritime Museum. We went because we are learning about our harbour.  We met a man named Frank, he showed us around the Museum. Then we watched a video of what Newcastle might look like in one hundred years. I learnt quite a lot. I learnt what cargo is and I also learnt a lot of boat names like a paddle-steamer and butcher boat. I also learnt that the people who worked on the butcher boats were called stevedores, this name comes from the Spanish word estibar. After the museum tour we went on a long walk. We had to look at what rubbish was in the harbour, Sam H and I spotted 258 cigarette butts! We also had to count the transport we could see on the harbour. Next we arrived at Nobbys Beach and did a sketch of the view. I was glad it was over when we got to the bus because I was tired. It was a fun and tiring day.

By Samuel D (2W)

Last week Year 2 went to Newcastle Harbour to learn all about our amazing harbour.  First we went to the Maritime Museum. We saw boats on the ceiling and on the ground, some were models. After that we walked to Nobby’s Beach. Along the way we spotted lots of boats and some rubbish. We even saw a shoe. Then we arrived at Nobbys Beach. We sketched a picture of a natural, built or managed area.  In the end we walked back to the bus. I felt happy and tired at the same time.

2017 Camp Week – Year 11 (Melbourne)

The Year 11 Camp is an urban camp which not only teaches students city skills, but also allows for a variety of subject excursions. Students explore Melbourne by foot and tram.   A highlight this year was a visit to the Channel Ten studios for the taping of The Project, and also a visit to a performance at the Melbourne Theatre Company.
This year Art students visited the National Gallery, Studies of Religion students were taught at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre, Music students investigated African Drumming, as well as many other excursions  – such as visiting Melbourne University for an orientation on University courses.
The entire class visited the Melbourne Gaol after dark, had an Italian dinner on Lygon Street as well as experiencing the Eureka SkyDeck, and the world-famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Students had an excellent time and enjoyed a variety of educational and culinary experiences during their camp week in Melbourne.

 Click Here for a collection of images from our Camp, on our Facebook gallery.

Mr David Chapman
Year 11 Camp Coordinator

2017 Camp Week – Year 10 (Amazing Race Sydney)

On Wednesday 5th April, the Year 10 cohort headed out from the College to Sydney.   With the incentive of free movie passes and overall bragging rights, the 2017 Year 10 Amazing Race was one of the most highly anticipated and intensely contested events of its kind.

The first challenge involved students travelling from Circular Quay to the Spiral Water feature in Darling Harbour using two modes of public transport, among the hustle and bustle of weekday commuters and tourists.  

Many other challenges undertaken by teams included singing Advance Australia Fair in front of the Sydney Opera House, catching ferries to Manly and recording these challenges through photographs, buying food items, sending emails and filming videos.

Each of the seven teams were allocated a specific sum of money to be spent on challenges throughout the Race, and a separate sum of money was to be used for ‘topping up’ Opal cards. Within each group roles were designated including the leader, navigator, wellbeing overseer, photographer, timekeeper and, importantly, accountant.

In summary, the Year 10 Amazing Race was an excellent experience filled with new challenges, sights, sounds, smells and tastes.  Working together in teams, in unfamiliar territory for many, gave us an opportunity to improve our communication, work to each team member’s strengths, and build on our friendships.

Click Here for a collection of images from our Camp, on our Facebook gallery.

Mrs Debbie McCord
Year 10 Camp Coordinator