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Year 10 Student & Parent HSC Subject Expo

Macquarie College is excited to be hosting its annual HSC Subject Expo, on Tuesday 30th May starting at 7pm.

This event is open to all members of the public who may be interested in the HSC Program for students at Macquarie College.

The evening will be hosted by our Senior School Director of Teaching and Learning, Mr David Chapman, and our Director of Studies, Mrs Clare Jolliffe.

During the event, students and parents will receive information about the new HSC Curriculum, and the Engineering Studies program commencing at Macquarie College in 2018.  Our staff will also explain the workings of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA) and the Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR).

This event is a great opportunity to learn about the Macquarie College HSC program which includes careers testing, work experience and the selection of subjects which will complement students’ interests for post-HSC study and careers.

Participation at this event is free, no pre-registration is required.  

The evening begins at 7pm in the Church complex on the Macquarie College Campus.

Register Now for the Term 3 Holiday Program

The Term 3 School Holidays are only a few weeks away.  There is a great opportunity for students to participate in the annual Kids Club Holiday Program!

The “High Seas Expedition” is fun daily program for children aged from Kindergarten to Year 6, where they will meet lots of new friends, moving between each activity in guided groups and explore the love of God on a journey that can change them forever!

This program is a free daily program between 3rd July and 7th July, delivered by the team at the Wallsend Church on the Macquarie College campus.

Click Here to download the Holiday Program poster

Click Here for more information and the Program website.

WOSE 2017 Proves that Love Does …

The Senior School celebrated WOSE (Week of Spiritual Emphasis) between 20-24 March, with the theme “Love Does” providing the focal point for this special week of worship, reflection and personal growth.

Throughout the week students explored love.  What is love? Who is love for? Why is love important? Is God’s love real?  

to check out the WOSE Week Wrap Up,
compiled by Pr Josh Goss


2017 Camp Week – Year 7 (Camp Toukley)

The focus of the Year 7 Camp is relationships, and our time away from the Campus provides the students with guided opportunities to form a support network of close friends that they will potentially keep for their entire school experience and beyond. We as a staff, in conjunction with the staff at Camp Toukley, created a program that we felt targeted our main wellbeing outcomes: resilience, self confidence and peer support.I asked a couple of the students to write a brief comment about some of aspects of the camp experience which stood out to them.

Of the camp activities Georgie W (7H) wrote:

“Year 7’s time at Camp Toukley was amazing! We all came away with some fabulous memories and experiences. There were lots of really fun activities which taught us to work together as a team and there were other activities like the Leap of Faith which brought out the confidence in people. I know that many of the Year 7’s really enjoyed the facilities of Camp Toukley like the tennis court and obstacle course. We all had a great time and we thank the staff at Camp Toukley for their amazing hospitality.”

Each evening we scheduled a series of activities and small group debriefs so we could take stock of our day and see what we took out of it. On this Aila B (7H) said:

“Year 7 Camp was really fun! Each night, after dinner, we had some activities run by our teachers which were interesting and fun. There was a trivia night, a Capture-the-Flag night, and a campfire-movie night. For the trivia, we split ourselves into 10 groups. My group was the only group of six, but we tied for 3rd place anyway. For Capture-the-Flag, the teams were our class groups. Since there were 3 classes, we took turns competing with each other. Our class, 7H, won all the games we played. The campfire-movie night was great! We had marshmallows we could roast and they were very delicious! We also watched part of Inside Out later in the night. After supper each night, we split into our activity groups to talk about the day, what we liked or disliked, how we pushed ourselves further, and many other things as well. We discussed negative and positive self-talk, and that we should encourage others.”

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, and a privilege for staff to spend time with this exceptional group of young people.

Click Here to see a selection of images from our Camp experience here on our Facebook Gallery.

Mr Daniel Zyderveld
Year 7 Coordinator

Now Enrolling Students for 2018/19

The Staff and Students at Macquarie College welcome you to join us at our next Open Day, on Wednesday 31st May.  

Visitors will be taken on guided tours of the College Campus by members of our Student Representative Council.  You’ll visit various locations on the Campus depending on the areas of future Enrolment you are interested in, Pre-School, Junior School or Senior School.  

Visitors will see our classrooms in action, view our commercial kitchens, science laboratories, computer labs and art rooms, learning and activity spaces and also our Library to name a few of the quality facilities available to students.

Our staff are committed to providing an educational experience in which young people can grow, mature and flourish into independent thinkers and whose lives are driven by principle and responsibility within community. 

Our families take great pride in the innovative approaches to teaching and learning and academic standing within the region; the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of our students; as well as the performing arts and the regional and state sporting opportunities available.    

Visitors will hear a short presentation about the College experience and what families can expect by joining the College community.  The presentation will be followed by an opportunity to speak with our Registrar and the Heads of School, or perhaps explore the Student Expo featuring works proudly displayed by our Junior and Senior School students.  Refreshments will also be served during this session.

Have you heard about the Macquarie College Referral Program?  Please Click Here to download a copy of the Program Overview, because an introduction to Macquarie College by a friend or family member may be of great benefit to both of you!  Additional copies of the Program Overview and the Referral Vouchers are available now from the Administration Office.