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Macquarie College expands the Student Wellbeing Team in 2020

Priscilla MariassouceMacquarie College is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Priscilla Mariassouce, as the College’s new female chaplain commencing in 2020 with our Student Wellbeing Team.
Priscilla is a wife and mother who holds a Bachelor degree in Ministry, Theology and Chaplaincy and is the current Associate Pastor of Gateway Community Church, current radio host on Rhema FM and past member of Endless Praise, to name just a few of her accomplishments.   
Priscilla is passionate about sharing the gospel with young people and, most particularly, girls and young woman.
We look forward to welcoming Priscilla to the Macquarie College team in January 2020 and know that she will quickly become a vital part of our broader Student Wellbeing team.

Toad of Toad Hall revived by Year 8 Thespians

Toad of Toad HallOn Monday 25th November, Year 8 performed their Toad of Toad Hall plays. Toad of Toad Hall is a play written by A. A Milne, adaptated from The Wind and The Willows. The play is based around a character named Toad, an immature, obnoxious, slightly self-centred, but caring character. Toad is accompanied by Rat, Mole and Badger in his insane adventures that come from his ‘crazes’. This craze was all about motor cars! Students took on the challenge and began memorising and creating the performances which were a mixture of the scenes taken from the play.  As the due date crawled closer, the nerves began to get higher and higher, until it was time to perform. Then we realised that this is fun, and everyone is feeling just the same, it was reassuring. Groups were made up of 3-5. Their productions were funny, serious, amusing and engaging, where lines were memorised, although, some of us, (including myself) may have muddled a line or two. Costumes and props were outstanding and we really got into it and acted like our characters.  All in all, this was a great experience, something out of our comfort zone. I would recommend this for anyone. Nada A (8Z)

Groups of 2-5 students performed parts of Toad of Toad Hall, learning their lines off by heart and performing it in front of their peers. The groups had two weeks to finalise their play, get their costumes and props together, and practice their acting skills.  The plays were full of humour, crazy props and amazing outfits. It was clear that most people had put a lot of effort and creativity into their productions. I dressed up as Rat complete with tail, ears, a tie and a sports coat.  The highlight for me was watching everyone performing outside their comfort zone. The audience participation was also great with everyone laughing and clapping in support of their classmates.  Anna G (8Z)

For most people, performing parts of Toad of Toad Hall was a very intimidating thing to do. Leading up to the play we spent many hours practising our lines and acting out our scenes. The best thing about this experience was watching everyone’s hard work pay off in the end, and seeing us all come together as a grade and congratulate our peers on the hard work they put in. This was a great experience for us, because it pushed us out of our comfort zones, helped us have fun, and realise that we don’t always have to take things so seriously. I think this play is definitely a great experience regardless of the nerves everyone felt and the panic with costumes and remembering lines. Everyone did really well and had a lot of fun! Peyton M (8Z)

Pre-school graduation ceremony celebrates learning development

Why have a Pre-school graduation?  For our Pre-school team it is about acknowledging the learning and development during the children’s time at Pre-school and in the early childhood years. It is about celebrating this milestone in children’s and family’s lives. Children are important, their learning is important and that is why we as a Pre-school service hold a graduation evening. To celebrate the children, to acknowledge learning in the early year and to celebrate play!

The children’s learning and development in our play-based program is founded on the latest research into early childhood education and development. The Pre-school philosophy underpins our program and we draw inspiration from the principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy and nature play.  As we reflect on the last few years, we have been reminded how the program has evolved to include large blocks of time, utilisation of the natural outdoor environment and bush garden, inclusion of ‘loose parts’ and understanding of the importance of setting up the environment to invite learning and engagement for the children.

Year 9 STEM students are pleased to introduce Jeremy

Year 9 STEM finished the year with a team robot-building project that involved designing, building and coding a robot using the skills we had learned throughout the year. We assembled the robots using Arduino boards and other electronic components, a laser-cut plywood body we designed using Adobe Illustrator software, and used the Arduino programming language to instruct the robot how to function. We had Arduino programming experience from controlling LEDs and electronic sensors, and laser cutting experience from earlier in the year when we design and built plywood marble runs, however we had not done something like this before and as such it presented a challenge. Through careful planning, trial and error, and a lot of glue, the three teams were able to create functional, moving robots, which drove using on-board motors, and were able to detect and avoid objects using an ultrasonic sensor.

“Time was a constraining element. We ended up using Aila’s code as she had made code that actually worked.” Maria P (9O)

“The coding part of the project was the best part, as we got to code whatever we wanted to make the robot move around.” Navpreet S (9B)

“Through this project Abigail and I learned basic coding skills but also how to problem solve. We learned that you typically have to check things in many different spots in your code to fix a small problem, and sometimes you end up changing things you didn’t even know were a problem.” Coco C (9H)

“It worked in the end, which is all I really wanted, to be honest [laughter].” Aila B (9O)

By Liam M (9O)

Year 1 & 2 Students conquer the Bubble Baffle

Year 2 have been participating in ‘Flora and Fauna Fridays” each week during Term 4. This is a time where students work on their communication and collaboration skills. Year 1 students now join us as part of their transition into Year 2.

Our recent Bubble Baffle activity was a time of experimentation and investigation which featured students choosing their ingredients and creating their own bubble mix, so that they could blow bubbles that lasted.

The students also needed to create their own bubble wand – they had the choice of straws and pipe cleaners. Students recorded data about their bubble mix ingredients, recorded their bubble wand shape, and the shape of the bubbles that were subsequently created by the wand.