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Soccajoeys is coming to Macquarie College

Soccajoeys runs classes from minis to 2-and-half year olds through to their premier program for 9-11 year olds.

Soccajoeys classes are one hour of fun and are non-competitive, and are great for children of all ages who want to learn to play soccer or who play and want extra training. The classes are run by qualified C licence coaches, and by coaches who currently coach in the local NPL as well as coaches who are qualified early childhood educators, with years of experience in coaching children.  

All coaches have working with children checks
Classes run for 8 weeks during the school term, as well as holiday clinics.
Classes will run from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, as well as Sunday mornings  on the Macquarie College oval.
In Term 2, 2019, Soccajoeys will be running their Junior program which is for 6-8 year olds and Premier program for 9-11 year olds.
There will be two coaches for each age group.  Children can be picked up from and retuned to OOSH as well if required.
Registrations include a soccer shirt and water bottle.  Registrations are now open, with Term 2 program starting on Monday 29th April.
Visit for more information and to register.
Places are limited to 16 participants in each age group.

Year 4 Learn about Seals, Penguins, Tigers and Sustainability

On Tuesday the 26th of March, Year Four got the amazing opportunity to go to Taronga Zoo.

Croak! Did you know that frogs can drink through their skin, and when they eat or drink bad stuff they vomit all their organs out and they scoop it up and eat it!  The penguins were noisy and agile, who knew they could swim so fast! Roar! The endangered Sumatran Tigers are having so much fun and they were so close to us, only separated by a thin sheet of glass! 

When we were there we got to go to the seal show. Seals have the same bone structure as we do in our hands. Fun fact: seals spend much of their life in water, but they mate, give birth to babies and take care of them on the shore. We learned that you should consider buying sustainable (look for the M.S.C approval) fish because it is more healthy for the environment.

After the giraffes and meerkats, we headed towards the seals and penguins.

The penguins were gliding through the water, swimming merrily back and forth together in one big group. After we had a good look at the penguins we went to see the seals just outside the penguins enclosure.

There was only one seal swimming, but it certainly liked the attention. It was swimming all around the edge of the huge pool hoping everyone would look at him.

A thing you should consider is to buy Certified Palm Oil. Most palm oil farms are made by chopping trees unsustainably and to speed the process up, they usually just burn everything down! By choosing to buy products with sustainable palm oil you, yes you, are able to help save the environment.

The Tiger Trek was fun as well we got to go in a imaginative plane and got to see Sumatran tigers, we also got to see an unhealthy-shopping-game where you have a cart and need to get all the healthy items before time runs out!

It was a great experience where we could learn about animals and their habitats and enjoy watching how they live in the zoo. I also recommend to bring extra money to spend at the ice-cream shop and souvenir shop.

Elizabeth M, Emma H, Ryan C and Marcella S (4T)

2019 Junior School Leaders attend Halogen Young Leaders day

On Monday 11th March, the Junior School Student Leaders attended Halogen Young Leaders Day at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. They joined 4,000 student leaders from schools across New South Wales. Over 23,000 student leaders attend this event annually across Australia. After the early morning departure from the College, our leaders had a great day listening to speakers recognised for their contributions to The Arts, Community Service and Sport, including Tim Diamond from the Cotton On Foundation, and Tamsin Janu author of ‘Figgy and the World’.

Jed R (6C): I enjoyed my time at Halogen Young Leaders Day because we got to listen to some very inspirational speakers about what they had to say to us being young leaders. My favourite speaker was Holly Ferling because she told us not to worry about the life ahead of us and to keep looking forward in life. We also shared the same kind of interest… cricket.  Tamsin Janu, a talented Author, said that you have to accept feedback from others to be a great leader and like Tamsin she had to accept feedback from her editors so she could have great success. 

Ocea M (6C):  I enjoyed listening to all the speakers and learning their stories about how they became leaders in their industries. I was particularly inspired by Cate Campbell and her determination to never give up – despite injuries and setbacks – and always be the best person you can be. 

Tommy B (6B): The National Young Leaders day was an inspiring, amazing and positive experience to show us how to lead and guide others. I know in life if we put our mind to a task and never give up you will always succeed.  Mr Tim Diamond said his foundation made a difference and showed how you should put others before yourself, and the feeling of giving is a whole lot better than taking.

Amelia S (6B) : The 2019 Halogen Young Leaders Day was a great experience and taught me a lot about motivation and growth. The speakers told us that one small action can change the world and even if we have major setbacks we have to ask ourselves “How much do you want this?” to overcome them. The Halogen Leaders day made me feel motivated and inspired to help make a difference and that together we can make a real impact.  Holly Ferling told us that “it’s better to be a little fish in a big pond so you can learn and grow”.

STEM Academy Workshop Inspires Staff

The University of Sydney hosted an intensive three-day workshop in Newcastle recently, for members of it’s STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy program.  Macquarie College delegates Mrs Michelle Cottier (Head of Mathematics),  Mrs Deb McCord (Head of Science) and teacher Mrs Stephanie Chaumont participated in the highly interactive program. 

Participants were tasked with the STEM project of making our own solar cookers. After splitting the group into Math teachers and Science Teachers, the Math teachers were given a formula to follow were the Science staff were given a task to cook a piece of frozen pizza using a pizza box and other materials. Using our understanding of reflection and absorption we were able to successfully cook our pizza, crispy bottom and all.

The math teachers worked with an equation to create a parabolic mirror, that had a focus point for the sun’s rays to concentrate on. The math teachers were able to cook a bunch of different things.  Mrs Cottier chose to heat a pencil, which she successfully heated to the point of generating smoke.

The STEM Academy is a 12 month program for teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to help advance the level of STEM learning opportunities throughout Macquarie College.  Watch this space for some more news in coming weeks about STEM developments and student projects.

Save the Date: School Readiness Information Session

Pre-school and Junior School staff invite parents and their guests to save the date, Wednesday 27th March 2019, for the annual Transition to Kindy parent information night.

Come along and meet our Kindergarten Teachers who will present ways in which you can positively support your child  as they prepare for their transition to Kindy in the years ahead.  Some of the topics being discussed on the night include:

  • Reading to your child
  • Interactive conversations
  • Self help skills
  • Day to day skills
  • Emotional & social skills
  • Technology

Transition to Kindergarten Registration Poster 2019

Information on how to register for this event will follow shortly.

Enrolment at Macquarie College is not a pre-requisite for attendance  at this free community event.