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Senior musicians set to launch their album at Lizotte’s

Year 12 Album Launch 2020

Year 12 Album Launch 2020As part of their senior studies in Music Year 12 students have been writing an album of original songs which will be debuted at Lizotte’s on Monday 23rd March.

The composition component of this performance is the assessment task and the performance component is just another opportunity for students to perform in front of a crowd which will help them when they have to perform in front of examiners later in the year.  This is the 4th time Macquarie College has hosted a concert and Album Launch, and each year proves to be enjoyable for family and friends, and a key memory event for students after they graduate.

There will be two other bands playing on the evening, with Year 12 on stage second. Tickets are on sale now and you’re invited to join us for a fun night, and to support our students.

Purchase your tickets today via the Lizotte’s website, or by calling the venue on 4956 2066.

Year 9 DEV passion project takes off

In 2020, Macquarie College is providing Year 9 students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in “passion projects” either individually or in groups.  Mr Ross is currently coordinating a whole class passion project called the Drag and Electric Vehicle (DEV).  
Students will work in teams to complete a variety of projects including building a drift trike, an electric go kart, and two electric bikes which will be used to compete in Australia’s largest electric bike gran prix at the Cameron Park Raceway later this year.  The group’s most high profile project will be the race car, and today students took possession of their vehicle from Mr David Mitchell. We intend to compete in local motorkhana and gymkhana events where we anticipate students with a CAMS licence have some opportunities to drive. The group is also planning to participate in at least one drag race event in Sydney. 
While the car looks the part of a race car, there are still a number of things that will need to be done to get it ready for student use. Our group project will focus heavily on developing strong interpersonal skills and communication, imperative in any motorsport racing team environment.  Racing will present many challenges and setbacks, and students will have be challenged to be good at problem solving and building personal resiliency.
Mr Ross is a qualified motor mechanic by trade and could not wait when given the opportunity to share some of his own passions with students, jumping at the chance to work with students within this space.   A final goal for the group is to connect students with industry experts. 
Macquarie College is interested in partnerships and mentoring from a variety of sources including fabrication, painting, tuning and electrical work.  If you have industry experience which could help our students learn, or would like to discuss a financial partnership for the project, please contact Mr Ross to discuss further (

Seniors buoyed by boat restoration progress

Year 9 and 10 students continue to make great progress with their boat restoration project. Their latest challenge has been the removal of the fuel tank and starting a mechanical restoration on the boat trailer. 

Students have been joined by members of Mr Ross’ Year 9 class who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Passion Project racing car.  Under the guidance of Mr Watters and Mr Ross (who is also a qualified motor mechanic) students have been working together on the boat to replace bearings, problem solving electrical wiring issues, removing and documenting parts, as well as learning how to handle and dispose of materials safely. 
If you are interested in lending your expertise, or you have a business which would benefit from partnering with Macquarie College on the boat restoration or car project, please contact Mr Watters or Mr Ross.

Speakers announced for the 2020 Invictus Wellbeing Conference

The Invictus Wellbeing Institute, in conjunction with Macquarie College, are pleased to announce the speakers for the third annual Invictus Wellbeing Conference.

Institute Founder, Mr Joshua Brown, welcomes the inspiring lineup of presenters including Costa Georgiadis (ABC’s Gardening Australia), Dr Kerry Howells (UTAS), Mark Morrison OAM (Macleay Vocational College) and Dr Peter Beamish (Avondale University College).

This year we want to create conversations about the kind of education that grows, not only skills, but character. We want to discuss shifting the focus from mastery as a static state of achievement to a mindset that embraces growth and curiosity. Join us for a day of workshops, keynote speakers and conversation as we all work towards cultivating Education that Grows.

Invictus Wellbeing Conference
Monday 11th May 2020
Caves Coastal Bar & Bungalows 

Click Here for the Conference website, brochure and registration information.

Seniors Launch VEX EDR Robotics Club

The MC Robotics Club was launched in 2019 with a VEX IQ junior program, featuring regular club meetings, building programs, and a visit to Kempsey Adventist School for scrimmage matches.  Now, our Year 8-10 students are getting in on the action with the creation of a robotics room in the newly opened Design Lab, and the launch of the VEX EDR program as an after school activity each Thursday afternoon during Terms 1-2. 

Students work collaboratively in teams and boldly explore the world of robotics, using kits to plan, create and build robots ready for future competition.

Students’ first task was fitting out their robotics lab, before moving on to the strategic planning, learning game play, and creation of a robot that can do what is required during competition.  Each team member has designated responsibilities in the lead up to and during competition, and the program will challenge students’ creativity to think outside the ‘box’, working on skills such  as communication, collaboration and teamwork all while having fun and creating their robot.

In the early part of 2020, students are thrilled with the opportunities the program is providing and may even inspire students to seek out higher level technical competitions internationally, through the annual VEX World Championships. 

VEX Robotics VEX Robotics VEX Robotics