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Year 5 Excursion to Maitland and Morpeth

At 8:15 am our class group of excited students boarded the bus headed to Maitland. We arrived at our first stop Maitland Gaol 45 minutes later. At Maitland Gaol we experienced and saw what life would be like in a Gaol.

We learnt that inmates measured their years in Goal by counting their desserts. They got dessert pudding each Sunday and special cake for Christmas. If a man had been in Gaol for 3 years and 7 weeks he would have had 3 Christmas cakes and 7 puddings. Once the prisoners had woken up each day they all would go outside and line up on one of the three lines that were marked on the ground. If one of the prisoners misbehaved the guards would do a warning shot with their rifles.

After we left the Gaol we went to eat recess and Mr Schultz came to talk to us about Morpeth. He spoke to us about Stockade Hill which was where the army was stationed. We then got on the bus and started heading towards Morpeth.

When we got there we split into our groups and started to walk up the trail that was marked on our maps. My group walked up the hill towards the Morpeth Sourdough bakery which used to be the old Arnotts Bakery. When we were in the front of the bakery we saw a special tile on the bakery floor which had been there since 1850. We all tried to copy the tile which was green with gold painted words on it.

Our group leader bought us some sourdough bread to taste and it was absolutely amazing. The Morpeth Sourdough bakery was such an enjoyable experience that I would love to do it again. My favourite part of the bakehouse was seeing the special tile and smelling the fresh cooked bread, which was magnificent.

We continued on walking down the street until we got to Bronte Guesthouse. It was an old looking place and was quite interesting to see and was built for Mr Paterson who started Soul Paterson chemist. Once we crossed the road we walked straight up the pathway to get back to the bus.

Afterwards we all drove up to a little undercover shelter made out of brick and ate some lunch. The little place smelt funny and felt strange. Once we finished lunch we got back onto the bus and passed Caroline Chisholm’s house on the return trip to school. Caroline Chisholm was famous for all the work she did taking care of the poor. Caroline Chisholm was also on the old Australian $5 dollar note.

The bus trip back to school felt like it went by quickly.   I thought about all the different things that I learned and saw and I must say, it was an amazing excursion.

Report by Kendra (Year 5Q)


Rediscovering Family Heritage through Languages Program

Klaudia Receiving the Minister's AwardKlaudia Kolodziejska (Year 10T) is discovering the strength to be found through family ties and how to make new connections with family heritage, through her native tongue.

Emigrating from Poland as a six year old, Klaudia immersed herself in the Australian language and way of life, participating in accelerated English language study so that she could communicate with her new school friends and teachers in English.

Klaudia’s commitment to the continuation of Polish language study saw her take up part-time classes, from which she has received a Commendation in the 2016 Minister’s Awards for Excellence, in Community Languages Schools.  Klaudia attended an award presentation event at the University of New South Wales on 2nd November, where diverse cultures and a love of languages was celebrated.

“Over the past few years I had lost touch with my family’s Polish history, particularly when I stopped using our language every day,” Klaudia said recently.

“I used to exchange letters with my grandparents in Polish, and I’ve been watching Polish movies with Mum.  It’s great to be able to have a special thing that’s just ours that we share, quoting lines from a movie and laughing about characters.”

“The Polish language is so much more intense, with so many different meanings around words and communicating is a deeper process.  I’m glad that I am continuing to learn how to use it as a young adult.”

In 2017, Klaudia begins Year 11 and has already committed to another two years of Polish language study for her HSC, in which she’ll be assessed on written, spoken and listening capabilities.

“I was really embarrassed when I was called up on to the stage during Chapel recently, when there was a presentation by the school about my recent Award.  But what I really love is that there are so many unique people here, with special talents and interests which make them interesting people and really fun to learn from. I’m glad that I was actually able to share my story with everyone.”

2016 HSC Results and Student Achievements Acknowledged

Macquarie College maintains “Top 150” Schools ranking through its commitment to education excellence in the Hunter Region.

Macquarie College is proud of the achievements of its 46 students who recently completed the Higher School Certificate in 2016.  As a result of 28 top band results from the HSC class of 2016, Macquarie College delivers one of the Region’s highest performing secondary school programs.

Macquarie College is the leading faith-based education provider in the Region, offering a Pre-School to Year 12 education experience underpinned by Christian values and principles.  This Christian framework supports students throughout their entire schooling, and in the holistic development of young people who will contribute not only to our local community, but to the wider global community in the future.  Of the 46 students completing their HSC this year, 16 students began their education in Kindergarten at Macquarie College and are known as ‘K-12 Originals’.

Highest ATAR Year 12 Dux, Alex Bodkin, achieved Top All Rounder by receiving 90 or higher in five examinations undertaken (Chemistry, English Advanced, Mathematics, PDHPE, Studies of Religion 2) and received an ATAR of 97.7.  As a result, Alex intends pursuing a career in emergency medicine and trauma response, if successful in gaining entry to Medicine at James Cook University.

Throughout 2015/16, Alex’s approach to studying her HSC involved a good balance of study and relaxation.

“I was really organised right throughout the HSC, I committed to regular study but these were not strictly timetabled,” Ms Bodkin said.

“By keeping up to date with readings, note-taking and summaries every week, I wasn’t overloaded, it was just about making continual progress.”

“While I would have liked a few more marks to open up a more options, I’m proud of these marks and now just have to wait for offers to be made.”

“I went to the gym every day after school because I made time for that, as well as weekly dinner catch-ups with my friends.  It was really important to me to do that in between study sessions.”

“I’m really grateful for all of the assistance I received from my teachers, because they were so approachable throughout the HSC, to help with anything.  They really cared for us and made sure we understood, and had the best chance possible to do well in the exams.”

Sarah Jones achieved an excellent result in Studies of Religion 2 unit, ranking 6th in the State.

Aidan Gageler has an additional reason to celebrate this year, after his Visual Arts Major Work was selected for inclusion in the ARTEXPRESS exhibition touring New South Wales in 2017.   His work, a photographic series titled “Wanderer above the fog”, featured landscape images from across the Hunter Valley and demonstrated advanced photographic composition and editing techniques.

Macquarie College Principal, Dr Bruce Youlden, congratulated this year’s cohort on their achievements, confirming that the HSC results are one of many important elements which represent students’ overall achievement during their time at the College.

“The 2016 Year 12 cohort has worked hard to achieve personal best results in every area of academic study and co-curricular pursuits,” Dr Youlden said.

“Our staff have nurtured this cohort over many years as they progressed through the Senior School, challenging each individual to learn course material comprehensively, and understand ways in which it can be applied to their daily lives.”

Dr Youlden praised the students and their families following today’s ATAR announcements, reflecting on the journey they have experienced over the past two years and the new life experiences awaiting the departing Year 12 students.

“We are proud of the students’ efforts and know that these performances will open many doors to future study and employment for a rich and fulfilling future.”

“Macquarie College continues to offer a well-rounded program of academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual learning which enriches the lives of our students as they enter society and guides them in their life choices as young adults.”



9% received 95+

20% received 90+

48% received 80+