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ASX Sharemarket Competition Round 1 Winners

Macquarie College HSIE students recently finished round one of the ASX Sharemarket game. The game allows students to realistically invest in the Sharemarket, putting into practice their trading ideas. Students receive a virtual $50,000 they can invest over a 10 week period, in 220 companies listed on the ASX. The prices students buy and sell at are the same prices as they would get in the live market so this is as close to real life share trading as you can get. The aim is to develop knowledge of the sharemarket and discover the importance of wise investment decisions.

Congratulations to the following Round 1 Macquarie College Winners. 1st place BBC, 2nd place MCJerra and 3rd place MCMaund. 

Round 2 of the game starts 15 August.

Guangdong International Youth Exchange Week

Macquarie College is pleased to announce that it has recently been selected by the NSW Department of Industry and StudyNSW, as the NSW representative at the upcoming Guangdong International Youth Exchange Week in China, between 25 July to 31 July 2019.

As such the College is seeking expressions of interest from students in Years 8, 9 and 10 who would like to be selected in the Macquarie College delegation. Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 today received the Information Pack during a special presentation by Principal, Mr Rohan Deanshaw.

Six students and two teachers will participate in this unique learning opportunity abroad, featuring scientific, sporting and cultural events in Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzhen. They will experience Cantonese culture and Guangdong’s rich legacy of economic and social development, notably Guangdong is considered as one of the emerging “Silicon Valley” type regions of mainland China.

This is a tremendous opportunity for our students and we look forward to making an announcement over the coming weeks about the delegation who will travel to China this July.

Year 9 Design and Technology Projects Completed

Year 9 Design and Technology students have had an energetic start to the year. Students broke the ice getting to know each other, working collaboratively and learning about broad design concepts with the bridge challenge activity which was made from skewers and marshmallows. Students then moved into their first individual task of the year, designing and creating a door hanger. By keeping the design brief broad, students have been able to explore a variety of materials and techniques as well as develop a project that met their specific needs. Students have now moved onto their next challenge which is creating personal accessories out of a variety of alternative materials. 

Year 9 Industrial Technology Update

Students had a great start to their Industrial Technology course learning about all about timber. Students will spend year 9 primarily working with timber and move into year 10 to learn about metal as a way to explore different materials within the subject. The introductory project in year 9 was to design and construct a laminated chopping board. Students have spent the past few weeks learning how to use hand tools as well as power tools to create their individual projects. Students achieved a high level of success and are now working on their major project for the year which is their model toy truck. 


Introducing a new era of leadership at Macquarie College

On Wednesday 24th October, Macquarie College Principal Dr Bruce Youlden introduced the new captains for 2018/19.

The announcement of the next generation of student leaders coincided with the introduction of Dr Youlden’s successor, Mr Rohan Deanshaw, who will commence as the Principal of Macquarie College in 2019.

Dr Youlden presented Captain’s badges to Isaiah Broad (in absentia) and Lucy Geelan, as well as Vice Captains badges to Ryan Rowe and Channae O’Hern during the special leadership chapel.   Dr Youlden and Mr David Martin presented Sport Captains badges to Max Kozlik and Jasmine Anderson following their announcement as the leaders of the MC Sport program for 2018/19.

During the Chapel service, the 2018/19 prefects spoke to the qualities of leadership that inspired them, the attributes that they wished to demonstrate as future leaders and encouraged all students to consider how they may be of service and lead in their daily lives.  Over the coming weeks our Prefects

Dr Youlden’s introduction of Mr Rohan Deanshaw as the new Principal was a special moment for reflection about the new chapters that are to be written in all leaders’ lives.  Mr Deanshaw comes to Macquarie College after a distinguished career as the Principal of Kempsey Adventist School, which has seen exponential expansion to become one of the leading education institutions in the Macleay Valley. 

Rohan DeanshawDr Youlden’s announced Mr Deanshaw’s appointment to the parent community on Monday, highlighting the current leadership roles Mr Deanshaw holds within AIS  Advisory Committees, and his contribution to the development of Project Based Learning frameworks within the NNSW Conference of Schools. 

In greeting students and parents at Wednesday’s Leadership Chapel, Mr Deanshaw acknowledged Dr Youlden’s role as the founding Principal of Macqaurie College, and his committed service to Adventist education spanning 40 years.