Canteen , Reading & Classroom Activities, Craft, Agriculture, Music, Concert Items, Guest Speakers, Library Class Book Covering & Repair, College Trip Supervisor, Physical Education …

Have you considered volunteering at Macquarie College, but maybe you were unsure about what was involved, or what your could do?  The range of activities supported by parents and grandparents, ranges from participating in small group reading activities, to supervising student gardening projects, to helping prepare for concerts and performances, or even being a guest speaker!

If you would like to discuss volunteering opportunities, please contact the Administration Office on 4954 6222, so that we can send a Volunteer Information Pack to you. 

Information about volunteering in 2018 will also be available at the Year 7 Parent Information Night (Monday 12th February) and the Junior School (Yrs 1-6) Information Night (Tuesday 13th February).

* Parent Volunteer Descriptions 2018 
* Canteen Volunteer Duties

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