Mini Miracles OOSH is an inclusive after school care and vacation care service operating on school grounds at Macquarie College.   We consider ourselves to be a “home away from home” for your child to attend whilst you work or study, and our qualified staff are regulated by National Guidelines determining how we do what we do … which is to ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable time whilst in our care!


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Mini Miracles Overview February 2021.docx – Google Docs

Our Philosophy is simple … 
To provide high quality recreational child care in safe, stimulating and supportive environments, where children are encouraged to respect the rights of others as well as develop confidence in their own abilities and social interactions.

Our Purpose is to
To provide a viable and reflective school aged service that meets the needs of the individual, and the wider school community

And our Aim is …

  • To ensure that the rights of the individual are always respected and promoted
  • To provide a culturally diverse program that recognizes the individual within the group, provides opportunities for friendship, and supports children in their development
  • To provide a “home away from home” environment that promotes and challenges gender equity, encourages mutual cooperation and respect, and caters to individual and family needs.
  • To recognize the importance of middle childhood and provide a program that reflects the needs of the children and families attending our services.


Mini Miracles caters to families who need to use us on either a regular weekly basis, or on a casual basis. We also cater for shift workers providing you can give us your requirements in advance!

All bookings require the completion of an enrolment form, and a copy of your child’s immunisation history, before they can attend. This can be obtained by calling in to see staff at the service one afternoon (preferable, as then you get to see the staff, and we get to be introduced to your child) or by emailing the Regional Director, Roxanne, at [email protected] An enrolment form and parent brochure outlining our policies and procedures will then be forwarded to you.

Once the form is completed and a start date has been confirmed, your child can commence!

The same is required for casual bookings, as without the information requested on the enrolment form, we cannot accept your child at OOSH!

Families requiring casual care, or unsure of what days they require each week, can still utilise the service and once the enrolment form is completed, just text staff on the mobile (0423 015 501) to let them know that your child needs to attend. If this is a last minute request, please ensure that your child knows to come to OOSH as well by contacting school office personnel as well! We do however need as much notice as possible, as we are limited to the number of children we can accept each day, based on Government regulations and staffing numbers, so please contact us as early as possible!!


All families attending OOSH will be eligible for the weekly rebate (determined by Centrelink and based on your gross annual income) AS WELL AS the 50% government rebate. This means that after these rebates have been applied, your fees for after school care may be as little as $5.70 per session, and vacation care may be as low as $9.95 per day (not including any excursions or visiting attractions we may have organised, which also attract the 50% rebate!). This is obviously dependent upon your rebate entitlement and whether you opt to receive the 50% rebate paid to you, or to the centre. All this can be explained further when you enrol.

It is imperative however that you include correct customer reference numbers for both parent AND child in order to receive these rebates immediately. If you are unsure what these are, they are easily found by contacting Centrelink on 136 150.  Each individual has their own customer reference number, so make sure you write the correct one for each person!!

It is also important to make sure that Centrelink have your child registered as being a school aged child in their system, or the wrong rebate is calculated!!! If you have not used any form of registered child care in the past 12 months, you will also need to get Centrelink to re-instate your rebate entitlements, as they are automatically cancelled after a 12 month period if unused.

Whilst we ask for direct debit / credit card details to be provided, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that their account is paid regularly before we resort to withdrawing fees owing from your cards! Payment can be made by cash or cheque to staff at the centre, or you can set up your own direct debit to occur on a regular basis (preferred method) with details being provided once you have commenced. There is no enrolment fee, no ongoing administration fee and no other charges other than a transfer fee if you choose to pay your account by eftpos, which needs to be prearranged by contacting the Director at [email protected]


More information can be obtained by either

a) visiting our website:
b) Calling in at any time to speak with staff at the service, located in the room adjoining the uniform shop where the canteen area is
c) Contacting staff on 0423 015 501 between 2:45 and 6:15 pm
d) Contacting the Regional Director, Roxanne, by email [email protected]

When contacting the Director, please mention Macquarie College as the school/service you are enquiring about, as with 5 service locations offering slightly different types of care catering to the individual school needs, it’s not always easy to answer queries without knowing which school you are enquiring about!!!